BRIONI 44+ - Brioni

BRIONI 44+ 44' 0" Brioni 2015 ЦЕНА ЯХТЫ ПО ЗАПРОСУ


2 каюты
44' 0" (13.41 m)
12' 11" (3.94 m)
3' 0" (0.91 m)
Год постройки:
Тип судна:
Моторная яхта
2 двиг. Volvo Penta IPS 600
Крейс. скорость:
32 Kts. (37 MPH)
Макс. скорость:
42 Kts. (48 MPH)
Florida - S.E. United States
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Основная информация

Тип судна:
Моторная яхта
Модельный год:
Год постройки:
United States


Длина общая:
44' 0" (13.41m)
Длина палубы:
40' 1" (12.22m)
12' 11" (3.94m)
Макс. осадка:
3' 0" (0.91m)
Длина привального бруса:
44' 4" (13.51m)

Скорость, вместимость и масса

Крейс. скорость:
32 Kts. (37 MPH)
Крейсерская скорость поворота:
3000 Kts.
Дальность на крейсерской скорости:
Макс. скорость:
42 Kts. (48 MPH)
20 Pounds
Вместимость воды:
211 Gallons
Объем топливного бака:
370 Gallons


Корпус и палуба

Материал корпуса:

Информация о двигателе

Volvo Penta
IPS 600
Тип топлива:


Your personal yacht

Brioni Yachts is for the first time presenting the all new Brioni 44+! This unique motor yacht is an improved Brioni 44 upgraded with new features, slightly prolonged hull on the stern and some cosmetic and functional adjustments. With the top speed of 42 knots and with a range of 350 NM you can leisurely cruise from Miami to Bahamas and back without refueling.

This is a dealer demo - not for sale to US citizens while in US waters.



Brioni Yachts  

Brioni 44+ was built with determination to create a fast and reliable yacht that is easy to handle without a professional crew. This exclusive model was built to the highest standards by vacuum infusion, finished in other lightweight materials and powered by Volvo IPS drives. It was meticulously tested before it met the extremely high owner's expectations. Brioni 44+ got its name from the one of the world's most beautiful archipelagos in Croatia. The flattering name on the hull is completely justified as the company is using only premium quality materials and equipment. The boat builder offers 5 years of structural warranty for the hull. With two 2015 awards, from international jury Best of Boat award finalist in the category Best for family and a winner of Slovenian Motor Boat of the year 2015, Brioni Yachts is looking to the future with a bigger 55 foot yacht, which will be presented soon.

Brioni concept driven by perfection

The Brioni 44+ concept is reflected in the strong lines of higher freeboard, that descends towards the stern and consistent upgrade with elegant sporty lines. Brioni Yachts hull signature design and design concept is responsible for the excellent handling of the yacht and its smooth ride on the waves. The biggest change on Brioni 44+ is 28 cm longer length of the hull as the length of the boat remains the same. Part of the platform is now amplified part of the hull. The result is an easier step to the platform when is lowered. With a hydraulic swimming platform its now easy to move jet-ski or by boat around even if platform is in the water. From a large swimming platform, a huge cockpit area can be accessed from the left or right side. A big cockpit table can be converted to a sunbed using modular cushions, therefore no extra space for them is needed.

Among other new features are a new side saloon windows that can be opened, new sunroof electric hatches, new opening system for even bigger back cockpit storage, modern upholstery and many more innovative solutions.

Built to last

Special attention was paid to the repeatable process of lamination called vacuum infusion.  One of the major benefits of the vacuum infusion is that resin distribution is the same in all the parts, therefore the mechanical properties are equal all over and the laminates are void free and homogeneous along the whole thickness of the structure. On BRIONI 44+ hull and deck are laminated all together with integral secondary structure into one. Special treatment reduces the possibility of laminate failure and results in extremely secure bonding between fibbers and core.

One of really great features in building process is the infusion of polyurethane foam into empty spaces between the hull and inner structure. It gives the yacht better buoyancy, reduces the noise and improves floating characteristics.

In order to achieve perfect balance and stability, special care was put into positioning of installed components around the yacht.

One of the results of lower weight is higher maximum speed (up to 42.12kts). Even more important is cruising speed, which is around 33kts and significant lower consumption, allowing the cruising range of more than 400NM.

Great features meet high standards

A retractable galley with standard coffee machine and neatly stored tableware is stowed in the cockpit wall. This innovative feature opens lot of space in cockpit. It could be used for an extra lying chair, or just to enjoy plenty of space to walk around. When kitchen is needed, it is simply pulled out and all is ready to prepare a meal. It is possible to have coffee also without retracting the kitchen. There is also enormous space in the cockpit walls for extra chairs, ropes and other equipment you need on vacation.

 By combining cockpit and saloon a large living area is created with a comfortable sofa, ready to sleep two people if necessary. There are several options each owner can choose from in the saloon furniture, upholstery, and additional equipment.

The helm features two comfortable seats, a variety of electronic navigational equipment and space for classical navigation with paper charts. There is great ventilation with new side opening windows and electric moon roof so there is less need to use air conditioning.

Below deck there are two large cabins with queen size berths having customized linen and superb mattresses. You will be happy to find generous wardrobe space. Brioni uses all of “hidden space” so you will find vast amounts of usable drawers within all spacious and luxuriously equipped rooms.

Having large solar power plant on the roof, the boat is energy independent while moored. Refrigeration will always work and even after several days on the mooring you don’t have to worry about cold drinks on board or watching TV. All without using generator or shore connection. With up to 800 liters of fresh water tank, the complete independence for many days in a beautiful bay is guaranteed.

Additional practical features like illuminated anchor spaces, ancor video monitoring, engine room video monitoring, docking lights, cockpit and steps illumination, underwater lights, safe deposit box, logo glass set designed by Marc Newson on molded trays, vacuum cleaner and many more customizable features according to owners’ wishes.

Don't copy, invent

Each Brioni 44+ is unique like her owner. A modern and innovative yacht with exceptional performance and timeless style is tailor-made according to each owners’ needs and wishes. Particular taste and love for details and extra functionality can be seen everywhere on the yacht.

Brioni Team spends over 12000 hours to build a yacht. It is one of the many advantages of small, boutique shipyards.

Many new features and improvements are the result of several years of studies involving internationally known experts. A very long list of standard Brioni 44+ equipment is an advantage and a promise for priceless and enjoyable time on the yacht. Brioni 44+ is built with knowledge, care and passion to be a dream come truth for every boater. 

This vessel was designed from the keel up for the efficiency, speed and easy handling of the Volvo IPS System.This is grace & power at it's best!

You can quickly see how easily she comes up out of the water onto plane - effortlessly and without the typical "bow rise" of most of her competition. You will be amazed at the fuel economy at any speed range --- specially at 30+ knots and higher.

She has a very distinctive Euro flavor and must be seen to be appreciated ---definitely NOT for your typical buyer!

With the top speed of 42 knots and with a range of 350 NM you can leisurely cruise from Miami to Bahamas and back without refueling.

The 44 Brioni HT Express was designed for Volvo Penta IPS power. This one has the IPS 600's which provide comfortable cruising speeds and thrilling top speeds.

Features and Options Include:

  • Fuel Capacity /up to 370 gal.
  • Water Capacity /up to 211 gal.
  • Cruising speed at 3000 rpm is 32 knots

Outside lighting

  • Side deck, cockpit and steps illumination
  • Underwater lights 2x
  • Xenon front lights HELLA


  • Front cabin portholes top
  • Main door with 4 segments
  • Ceramic surface on cockpit table
  • 2 stainless steel collapsible chairs
  • Sun cushion front with closed cell foam and Sunbrella trim
  • Removable cockpit shade 
  • Cofee maker Lazzarra or Nespresso
  • Coloured hull and roof in blue metallic paint
  • Teak laid cockpit floor
  • Sun shade cockpit
  • Sun shade windows
  • Cockpit speakers


  • Signature upholstery 
  • Floor 'Signature' 
  • Logo Cutlery set (for 10 people, laid into moulded trays)
  • Ceramic shower surfaces

Navigation & Helm

  • Extra Large fuel filters
  • Volvo Penta Garmin Glass Cockpit 15"( Auto Pilot, TProcessor, WW Map, SD, Remote Keyboard)
  • Volvo Penta Fully Automatic Interceptor ( Auto Trim, List, Coordinated Turn)
  • Volvo Penta Joystick Driving & low speed driving

Music & Entertaiment

  • Entertainment system for saloon, 42 LED TV, DVD, CD, MP3
  • 32" LED TV for front Cabin (connected to Video Hub, Glass Cockpit)
  • 32" LED TV for back Cabin


  • Inventer/charger 3,5 kW
  • Refrigerator 5.2 cu.ft with freezer 1.8 cu.ft
  • Generator 5kW Fischer Panda
  • Solar power plant (3 x 125W)
  • Front (anchor) camera
  • 2 x Engine room camera 
  • AGM Batteries (3 x 165 AH)

Anchoring & Docking

  • Stainless steel bow protection
  • Windlass wire hand remote control, HELM Remote control with chain counter
  • Mid ships additional collapsible cleats -pair
  • Mooring package 1 (4 ropes, 6 fenders, 6 socks)


  • XXL Fuel Tank (cca 360+ gal in lieu of cca 310 gal)
  • XXL Water Tank (cca 200+ gal in lieu of 140+ gal

Heating & Venting

  • Air conditioning system

Techincal Data

  • Length overall : 44Ft 4In
  • Length of hull : 40Ft 1In
  • Beam : 12Ft 11In
  • Draft : 3Ft 11In (with IPS and fully loaded)
  • Height above Waterline : 10Ft 5In
  • Total height incl. navigation mast : 14Ft 6In
  • Transport height : 12Ft 6In
  • Dry weight of boat with twin IPS–600 : 20,000 lb
  • Fuel Capacity : up to 370 gal.
  • Water Capacity : up to 211 gal.
  • Engines: Twin Volvo Penta IPS 600 
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