U.S.A 66' 0" DERECKTOR 1986 $135,000 USD


66' 0" (20.12 m)
12' 0" (3.66 m)
Год постройки:
Тип судна:
Гоночная яхта
N.E. - Maine to NY United States
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Основная информация

Тип судна:
Гоночная яхта
Модельный год:
Год постройки:
United States


Длина общая:
66' 0" (20.12m)
12' 0" (3.66m)

Скорость, вместимость и масса


Корпус и палуба

Материал корпуса:
Материал палубы:
Комплектация корпуса:
Fin & Canard
Цвет корпуса:
Дизайнер корпуса:
Gary Mull
Дизайнер экстерьера:
Gary Mull
Дизайнер интерьера:
Gary Mull

Информация о двигателе



USA - US 61

Designed by Gary Mull and built by Robert E. Derecktor Incorporated to challenge for the 1987 America’s Cup in Perth. 

With a team led by the highly competitive and colorful world class sailor Tom Blackaller, designer Gary Mull was given ‘free rein’ to challenge the norms of 12 Metre design.  Consulting with the two leaders in fluid dynamics and access to the enormously powerful (at the time) Cray Supercomputer at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in California a revolutionary 12 Metre was conceived.   With a forward canard rudder, bulb keel (ahead of the times in 1986) and ‘canoe’ underbody, she came out of the Derecktor yard and shipped to San Francisco.

While difficult to tune, she became faster as the crew learned her habits.  In Perth she suffered in the early going but her potential was obvious.  USA made it to the semi finals against Stars & Stripes and while barely losing in two races she lost in four. 

USA was purchased by a European based owner, refurbished and sailed competitively in the 2001 Royal Yacht Squadron Jubilee off Cowes.  Returning to Newport, she was sailed by syndicate from 2005-2009 and purchased by the Heckman family in 2010.   In 2015 she was purchased by the owner of Victory 83   who has ensured many of her parts and hardware are well preserved and in storage so she can be pieced back together and return to the race course. 

Hull & Appendages

USA is currently in a mothballed state. In order to simplify moving the boat around, the keel bulb and appendages are separated from the hull. All appendages are nearby and USA could be reassembled quickly.

Spars & Rigging

US-61 comes complete with a full set of spars and rigging. 

Her mast is a 2001 vintage Sail Spars Designs Aluminum section. Also from Sail Spars Designs and Composite Engineering is a 2001 composite boom. Included is a carbon fiber spinnaker pole, with an estimated vintage of 2001. 

The mast is in storage at LMI in Rhode Island, with a full set of standing rigging on the mast.

The running rigging package for US-61 was not part of the DEFENDER refit and as such is complete and ready to be installed in the boat. 

Winches & Deck Hardware

USA is currently equipped with a full Barient winch package comprising components from 1982/1986. This package has been fully refurbished and serviced in conjunction with the DEFENDER refit. The more advanced 1986 gearing and primaries were moved to DEFENDER and swapped with hardware from DEFENDER. Certain components taken from DEFENDER are not fully installed. Estimates to complete this work are $4,000.

Deck hardware is also Barient, with a full set of hardware installed onboard - excluding the Harken mainsail traveler track currently onboard DEFENDER.

Hydraulic System

The hydraulic plumbing onboard USA is fully intact and capped and is ready to be reactivated. Pumps, cylinders, and panels were transferred to DEFENDER. Many of the large rams and components for the system are either available or can be supplemented with spares from the DEFENDER/VICTORY program, though some of the smaller cylinders will need to be replaced.

USA featured a hydraulic steering system, which is intact and in storage.


A starter set of sails is included with the boat.




These are of unknown vintage, and would be serviceable for initial practice and sailing.


The electronics are of an unknown vintage and are currently stored in a box but could be reinstalled. Modern advances in sailing instrumentation would suggest the purchase of a new system. 

Safety & Fire Protection

An anchor chain and rode are included with the boat

All other pieces of safety gear were transferred to DEFENDER but are available to move back to US-61

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