2017 Palm Beach Boat Show, USA – a dream-come-true!

Florida Palm Beach boat show

Hot Florida sun and sandy beaches is a great alternative to the European snowy winter. Even more so, now, when you have this wonderful opportunity to change the scenery and the climate! We are talking about the fantastic, mesmerizing and unforgettable Boat Show in Palm Beach, Florida, US.

This is the place where droves of people come annually to visit, from different corners of the Globe, in order to enjoy a cozy atmosphere, to mingle, make some business acquaintances, watch the awesome, beautiful maritime vessels, exchange some experience, find out what has been invented for the past year as a result of the scientific progress, embodied in these ultramodern nautical marvels. As far as the latest hi-tech navigation electronics are concerned, they are capable of impressing even the savviest professionals in the yachting industry.

Everyone will have fun at the show: kids, women, elderly folks, taking into account the amazing close-by Florida beaches, along with the amusement park and a huge supermarket. All of this allows people with different interests spend some quality time together, or even switch to some other activities, if needed.

This year, there were allotted three separate locations for the event. Each of them is the size of several football fields. These exhibition areas are located right in the center of Palm Beach. Nevertheless, the place where the event should take place in the upcoming years might as well change, as much will depend on the number of participants, exhibitors and the show scenario.

Yacht Show Palm Beach in USA 2017

Altogether, at the show, there will be exhibited nearly three thousand showpieces, including modern speed boats, rare samples of maritime vessels, different kinds of yachts, hardware, latest navigating systems, parts and accessories. Among the show participants there will be representatives of big manufacturing companies, private owners and custom shipyards, whose engineers build yachts and boats practically by hand.


World of yachts: your dreams becoming reality in the town of Palm Beach, Florida, USA!

Nowadays, literally anyone can take a plunge into the amazing world of the yacht industry! Getting here is very easy – even if you live far away. All you need to do is buy a ticket and book a room in a hotel. This show is a well-known event among the yacht dealers and is quite a unique experience, which is absolutely necessary to obtain at least once – be it for the purpose of buying a yacht, a boat or a maritime vessel, or just as an introductory visit. Here you will be able to see with your own eyes the yachts that interest you, evaluate their real size, specs and features, find out what makes fishing, sport or cruise vessel types differ from one another.

Those clients, that are used to having exclusively original and distinctive pieces in their arsenal, will have a unique opportunity to create their own yacht model with the help of real yacht designers, that afterwards, can be ordered for production with their own developed  features, specifications and technical nuances. Besides that, there will be a lot of deals closed and contracts signed, experience exchanged, business contacts formed, developed and nurtured for those who need it.

Palm Beach boat show 2017

Here, at the annual boat show in Palm Beach, Florida, you will be able to find your dream yacht and make some new business contacts. At the same time, there will be no need to spend your precious time and money paying for the broker’s fees and travel expenses. The only thing that’s required of you is to come over and combine some business with pleasure.


What makes Palm Beach International Boat Show so unique and diverse?

To say that the largest exhibition of yachts, sport, fishing and pleasure boats at Palm Beach, aka the Palm Beach International Boat Show, promises to grip your attention and captivate you for a long time, is to say nothing at all. Here you will have an opportunity to check out some three thousand exhibits put out to the world’s judgment, including some super-size vessels from the planet’s largest ship manufacturers.

Or maybe, you want to get some more ideas about upgrading your boat? In such a case – Welcome to the show! Here, on the East Coast of United States of America, not far away from the Bahamas, await for you hundreds of your like-minded associates. Yacht manufacturers, in their turn, have prepared numerous samples of their work, which are sure to suit anyone’s taste. Also, you will be able to take a look at some pre-owned yachts and vessels with the just right price tags on them. Besides, you can set your foot on any of the boats you like, take it for a test run and find out for yourself whether it fits your expectations, requirements and value for its price.

The Palm Beach International Boat Show is considered a genuinely American event, as 80% of all the visitors are local continental residents, who have no need to be crossing the ocean to participate in this fest and enjoy the maritime cruising in some luxury yachts.  Nevertheless, the show is considered to the most significant and acknowledged in the world.

The timing for the show is also chosen carefully, with the consideration of the best weather conditions, void of the scorching heat, typical for this region. Visiting this respectable event will touch everyone’s hearts and if you decide to take your family with you, they are sure to have some fun too.

Yacht boat show in Palm Beach 2017


We proudly present the latest generation hybrid diesel-electric yachts by “Greenline”!

We are eager to invite you to this event, which will be taking place from March 23d through March 26th this year. We are also happy to announce, that here, at the Palm Beach International Boat Show you will have an opportunity to be introduced to the super mega yachts of “IAG” shipyard and will be exclusively presented the product line of the famous “PEARL” yacht manufacturer.

As our special treat, you will have a chance to take a look at and take a ride on one of our presented hybrid, diesel-electric “Greenline” yachts, built at Slovenian shipyard.

Take a look at the list of yachts which “Atlantic Yacht and Ship” Inc. will be presenting this year during the Palm Beach International Boat Show:

Complete list of all the yachts featured at the Palm Beach International Boat Show in 2017 is available at this link.

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