Miami International Boat Show 2017

yacht show miami 2017

What does February mean for Miami? It means that it is time for the world’s most epic boat show, that’s what!

It’s a no secret that Florida’s shore with its beautiful sandy beaches and the most favorable climate is a people magnet at any time of the year and tourists jump to any chance to make their trip over there for some leisure or vacation. But if you are on the search for something special, that will make you remember your time in Florida for a long time to come, than it is February, that grants you or any other fan of maritime adventures and hi-tech yachting equipment with this unforgettable opportunity!

Miami International Boat Show, that takes place namely in Miami, is the world’s most renown and grandiose yachting event that gathers onlookers from every corner of the globe.

What is so great about this show that attracts all these people?

For a short period of time, while the event lasts, the whole Miami transforms into some kind of the huge outdoor exhibit pavilion.

The main points of interest are concentrated at three locations, one of which is situated in Miami Beach. The other two — in downtown Miami. The show traditionally features more than two thousand participants; among them are the largest yacht and boat manufacturers, as well as small-time shipyards and zealous enthusiasts, working away on their creations for years, practically bare-handed.

Miami boat show 2017

Here you will find over 3000 boat models presented to the world, plus staggering amount of parts and accessories, hardware and equipment. This is the place to find literally everything necessary for your boating and yachting needs. But the uniqueness of this show is that it is available for anybody who is willing to come and amazes everyone that visits it.

This exhibit is where you will have an opportunity to see all of the existing exciting varieties of yachts, boats and cruisers. You will learn how they differ from one another and find out what the real cruising princesses and fanciest sport and fishing vessels look like. Every guest who wants to immerse in this snowy white yacht atmosphere will have the opportunity to do so. In addition, people visiting the show to find their dream yacht, often become proud owners of those featured beauties.

Buying a yacht at the boat show

Have you been fantasizing about your own yacht or a boat?

Visiting an international boat show would be your first step that will bring you as closest to buying the dreamboat of your life as it gets. It’s an ideal place to purchase a yacht at the maximum bargain, but only if you make sure to obtain services of the professional yacht broker.

Miami International Boat Show is the meeting point of the potential buyers and manufacturers on the global scale, meaning you, among everybody else in the world can fully enjoy all of the newly presented inventions of the yachting industry.

It will be a hands-on presentation too, a real feel-and-touch experience, as opposed to virtual web browsing for deals. In addition, you can save on travel expenses in search of the sellers.

Just imagine, one place that has got all of the best yachts, every one of which you can personally board and pick out from, the real top of the crop!

Do you worry that you have close to no experience of buying a maritime vessel or haven’t had a chance to master the language, dreading the whole complicated legal process of making the deal?

A yacht broker can step in for you and handle all of the issues connected with this pleasant, yet difficult task.

Moreover, if you come to Miami with a sole purpose of buying a yacht, it is even better that you contact the broker in advance, because among everything else, he will manage your stay here as well. Everything, including, but not limited to: looking for the right model, the negotiation process and dealing with the owner at every step of the way, from organizing the viewing of the boat to the actual signing of the paperwork, will be executed in the most professional manner.

Miami Boat Show

Selling a yacht in Miami

The Boat show draws huge numbers of yacht owners. For some of them it has already become a tradition and opportunity not only to find out the latest news in the industry, but also the chance to show off the subject of their love and pride.

For others – it is a great business opportunity to sell their vessel, which, of course, also demands priceless professional assistance of a yacht broker.

You will be able to save your money and time, while enjoying the event, inspecting the presented models at the full extent. The broker, on the other hand, will be searching for the potential buyers and dealing with other important matters like organizing and closing the deal.

Yacht broker services

So, whether you got so inspired after visiting the boat show that you set your mind on purchasing the vessel of your dream and the mere thought of leaving Miami on board of it is making you the happiest person alive, or, alternatively, you wish to sell the one you already own, in both cases, obtaining the services of the yacht broker will be your optimal decision.

Here is what you will be getting if you are a seller:

  • Greeting at the airport and organized transfer of the yacht to the exposition
  • support and professional assistance during the entire show
  • advanced search of the potential buyers
  • a personal broker, negotiating the deal and managing the showing of the yacht
  • complete language adaptation
  • Prepared and filled out legal paperwork, connected with the deal
  • a complete follow-through every step of the deal process

If you would like to sell a yacht, you can look forward to:

  • our professional escort and guidance throughout the show
  • advice and consultation on existing yacht models and types
  • assistance in choosing the optimal model personally for you
  • our assessment services
  • broker-conducted negotiation process
  • completed required legal paperwork
  • full registration services and organized anchorage at the marina
  • legal and financial representation on your behalf

By letting a yacht broker conduct your deal for you, while enjoying your time at the Miami International Boat Show, you save yourself both time and money and make your visit here as efficient as possible.

Miami International Boat Show 2017

Atlantic Yacht and Ship, Inc., is the exclusive dealer of the British PEARL Yachts manufacturer in the US. Together with our yacht broker, Andrey Shestakov, AYS has also signed an exclusive distribution agreement with the hybrid yacht building shipyard “Greenline”.

We, at the Atlantic Yacht and Ship, Inc., are proud to announce, that during the Miami International Boat Show of 2017, you will be able to see the newly presented model line of the IAG shipyard, whose super and mega yachts are also exclusively featured by us only to our clients.

Here is the list of all the yachts featured by the Atlantic Yacht and Ship, Inc., at the annual Miami Boat show this year.


Here you will find the complete list of the yachts presented at the International Boat Show in Miami, FL, US in 2017. Click to see the full yachts list.

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