Seavee 390-Z Yacht Review

Seavee 390-Z Yacht ReviewOne of the highest quality fishing and cruising boats available today is the SeaVee 390-Z. She has incomparable workmanship and state-of-the-art topside. The Z series as a whole has great competence and performance that doesn’t hinder the quality of fishing.included as well. The SeaVee 390-Z utilizes a truly high quality stepped hull that really works like it is supposed to. It makes the vessel keep a competent running angle at all times. The center console really is the base for doing everything, and the steering and drive on this boat are exceptional. This boat is equipped with three Yamaha F350 outboards with 350 horsepower.

Seavee 390-Z Yacht Review

LOA: 39’0″
BEAM: 11’0″
DRAFT: 2’2″
FUEL: 538 gal.
WATER: 60 gal.
DISPL.: 11,820 lb.
TESTED POWER: 3/350-hp Yamaha F350 outboards
PROPELLER: 25″ pitch; Bravo FS 4-blade
BASE PRICE: $303,600



There are seats located at port and right sides that can be propped up to make lounges that face forward. The level deck spreads all the way to the anchor locker, which improves the fishing experience and increases safety. There is a bit of space around the outside of the cockpit, which includes an elevated live well at the stern and a rear facing couch on the back side. Console doors slide out to create an area to store rods on the port and right sides. There is no console seat in this model. There is a two person seat with cup holders, rod holders, and arm rests. Additionally, there is an optional electric head and storage space in the console. There are many high-end features in this boat for you to explore as well.


There are three major areas of the SeaVee 390-Z. They are the hull, the cockpit liner, and the deck. All three are merged and through bolted at the hull joint that attaches to the deck. This creates a solid assembly. The four stringer grating also helps to bring solidity to the vessel. All hulls are prepared using vacuum bagging, which makes for a very precise resin to fiberglass ratio. The fit of all parts of this boat are just as advanced as those you would find on a luxury yacht. Overall construction and quality of this vessel make it outshine others of its kind.

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