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ACE 278' 11" LURSSEN 2012 145 000 000 € EUR


5 staterooms
278' 11" (85.00 m)
46' 0" (14.00 m)
12' 8" (3.85 m)
Year Built:
Motor Yacht
2 engines MTU 16V4000M61
Cruise Speed:
14 Kts. (16 MPH)
Max Speed:
17 Kts. (20 MPH)
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Basic Information

Motor Yacht
Model Year:
Year Built:


278' 11" (85.00m)
46' 0" (14.00m)
Min Draft:
0' 0" (0.00m)
Max Draft:
12' 8" (3.85m)

Speed, Capacities and Weight

Cruise Speed:
14 Kts. (16 MPH)
Cruise Speed Range:
Max Speed:
17 Kts. (20 MPH)
4927332 Pounds
Gross Tonnage:
2732 Pounds
Water Capacity:
11359 Gallons
Fuel Capacity:
54155 Gallons


Crew Cabin:
Crew Sleeps:

Hull and Deck Information

Hull Material:
Exterior Designer:
Andrew Winch Design
Interior Designer:
Andrew Winch Design

Engine Information

Fuel Type:


The luxury motor yacht ACE (85m / 278.87ft) M/Y built by renowned German shipyard Lürssen in 2012. This breath-taking vessel can comfortably accommodate up to 10 guests in her 5 beautifully appointed cabins. Andrew Winch Design is responsible for her sleek exterior profile and masterfully crafted interior.  

ACE’s amenities include a luxurious spa equipped with a Russian sauna, massage room, plunge pool and a huge Roman styled Jacuzzi. She also includes a beach club, gym, discotheque, movie theatre, a full array of toys/tenders and has helicopter landing capabilities.


M/Y ACE is equipped with two elastically mounted main diesel engines (MTU 16V4000M61) with 2000 kW each for the propulsion drive. The main engines are water-cooled, four-cycle, V-arranged, non-reversible highly rated engine with anti-clockwise rotation, pre-heating, exhaust turbocharging and charge air cooling.

Diesel engine is controlled via Electronic Monitoring Control System (EMCS) with emergency stop pushbutton.
The engines need 16 bar starting air for starting;

Reverse/Reduction Gear

Two reversing reduction gears (ZF 7566) with integrated hydraulically operated clutch and integrated shaft brakes are connected in each line via elastic coupling to the main engine and shaft

Propulsion arrangement: 2 x shaft lines from reverse reduction gears to five bladed inboard turning fixed propellers.

Shaft System

Each shaft line is supported by two shaft struts with seawater cooled bearings, connected to the reverse/reduction gear with an elastic coupling and fitted with a five bladed inboard turning fixed propeller.

Steering/Rudder: 2 x hydraulic steering gear to high lift rudder inclination permanently limited to 35° / 35°.

Steering System / Rudder / Rudder Angle Indication

M/Y ACE is equipped with two ROLLS-ROYCE rotary-vanes-type electro-hydraulic operated steering gears (electronically synchronized, with two rudder actuators) and is connected via rudder stocks with spherical friction type bearings to each high lift rudder. The max. electronically rudder angle is 35° / 35°.

The max. mechanical rudder angle is 47° / 47°.
The rudder angle is indicated by the rudder angle indication system, integrated at the emergency steering position, wing control console and wheelhouse console. The system is connected to the Nautoconning System.
The operation of steering gears is provided by two frequency driven hydraulic pumps in single pump mode (normal speed) or double pump mode (high speed).
The max. maneuvering time from 30° - 0° - 35° is:

  • -  22 seconds with one pump

  • -  11 seconds with two pumps

If one hydraulic pump unit fails, the second pump unit starts automatically and the steering actuator operates with low power.

Electric Voltage Systems
Power Generation / Cable System
Four voltage systems are available on M/Y ACE:

  • -  400V / 50Hz 3 phases for power consumers

  • -  230V / 50Hz 1 phase for small equipment, lightning and sockets

  • -  115V / 60Hz 1 phase for sockets

  • -  24VDC

  • -  for monitoring, external communication, different nautical

  • -  consumers, emergency consumers and other small consumers


    Generators: 1 x 560 KVA; 400V, 50HZ 2 x 450 KVA, 400V, 50HZ

    Generator Engine: 1 x 498KW diesel engine MTU 12V 2000 M50 A2 x 385 KW diesel engine MTU 8V 2000 M40A

    Generator Sets

    M/Y ACE is equipped with three brushless synchronous 400 V / 50 Hz generator-sets (1 x 560 KVA, 2 x 450 KVA), mounted elastically in sound boxes in the Lower Engine Room (III T 0 T). The generator sets consist of an electric diesel motor and generator. The generator sets can run parallel.

    The generator sets are designed for following ambient conditions:

Sea Water Temperature: Air intake Temperature: Atmospheric Pressure: Relative Humidity:

max. 32 °C / min. 0 °C max. 45 °C
1.000 mbar
max. 60 %

Emergency Generator Engine

1 x 166 KW diesel engine MAN D 2866 LXE 20
one emergency generator set (190 kVA) 400 V, 50 Hz is installed in the Emergency Generator Room on Main Deck AFT SB with access from outside. In case of emergency, the emergency generator

Bower Thruster

1 x 240 KW electric thruster with variable pitch

M/Y ACE is equipped with BRUNVOLL 240 kW bow thrusters, operated by an electric motor and variable hydraulic operated pitch in a double-tunnel-design without air-injection. The bow thrusters motor has a limited continuous operation time at max. speed.
Control stations are located in the Wheelhouse (V B 20) and the Wing Station SB and PS.

Stern Thruster

Stern Thruster: 1 x 240 KW water-jet propulsion system (360° turntable)

Pump-Jet / Stern-Thruster

One SCHOTTEL stern pump-jet, powered by a 240 KW frequency controlled electric motor, is installed in Pump Jet Void (I V 10). The thrusters can be used for auxiliary/emergency propulsion and steering (360o horizontal rotation) with limited continuous operation time at max. speed. Access for service is possible via hatch from Lobby (I L 0).

Control stations are located in the Wheelhouse (V B 20) and the Wing Station SB and PS. The system is connected to the Joystick and Electronic Anchoring System.
Stabilizer System
Stabilizer: 2 x Quantum zero speed XT Fins (Extendable type), extendable fin in main fin main fin not retractable.

M/Y ACE is equipped with two hydraulically operated zero speed fin stabilizers with extendable fin in main fin (Quantum XT-Type) and supplied with hydraulic oil by hydraulic power unit. The stabilizer is located at Tank Deck in compartment V on SB and PS and controlled and monitored (angle indicator) from the Wheelhouse.

The extendable fin is housed in the main fin and extended hydraulically. In extended zero position, the fins do not protrude beyond the beam at the waterline or below the keel of the Yacht.

Fuel Systems

Fuel System: 1 x Diesel Fuel System
Tender Fuel System: 1 x Diesel Tender Fuel System

Refrigeration / Garbage

Refrigeration: 1 x Freezer Store (VT2) (-20 C) on Tank Deck 2 x Refrigerator Store VT14) (+ 2 C) on Tank Desk one set of evaporating unit is installed.

One dry store room cooled to 16 deg for additional flower storage.

Garbage: 1 x Garbage Room (IV L 14) (approx. 4 m3) and glass crusher in the Technical Bow Thruster Room (VII T0T) back-up function as cold / freezer store.

Pool / Jacuzzi

Pool / Jacuzzi: 1 x Pool (approx. 29.3 m3) on Upper Deck

1 x Jacuzzi (approx. 1.1 m3) in Beach Lounge (IV L 1) on Lower Deck 1 x Jacuzzi (approx. 1.5 m3) on Top Deck
1 x Jacuzzi water treatment unit with heater
1 x Pool water treatment unit with heater

Hull Corrosion Protection

M/Y ACE is equipped with an electrical Corrosion Protection System against cathodic corrosion. Additional bolted zinc anodes (two-year docking cycle) are installed in the sea chest, bow thrusters tunnel, stabilizer and rudder.
Anti-Fouling Protection

The hull below waterline is painted with antifouling coating.
To protect the seawater inlet lines, one electrical Anti Fouling Protection System is installed. The permanent anodes are located in the sea chests and in the emergency fire pump outlet.

Rescue Equipment / Ship Radio Alert Systems

Rescue boat:
Life raft:
Life jackets:
Immersion suit:
Distress signals:
Ship Radio Alert System:

Fresh Water System

1 x rescue boat (4.2 m, SOLAS approved)
4 x life rafts of 25 Persons each 2 x life rafts of 12 Persons each 8 x lifebuoys
52 x life jackets (4 x children-, 48 x adult-sized)
48 x immersion suits
1 x set distress signals
Ship's Security Alert System (SSAS) (Integrated into one INMARSAT-C Satellite Communication System)

Fresh water for M/Y ACE can be produced by one duplex freshwater producer (HEM 40/4800, 2 x 25 t/day) with suction via separate sea socket. Additionally, fresh water can be taken over via filling connection, with possibility to soften the water via water softener (1.5 m3/h). It flows into the Fresh Water Tank and through a counter. Transfer between freshwater tanks and the Pool Water Tank or the Jacuzzi/Hot Tank can be done directly by one transfer pump (7 m3/h).

Two freshwater pumps draw the cold fresh water from the fresh water tanks to the pressure tank (1000 l). From the pressure tank the fresh-water flows through the freshwater treatment unit (15 m3/h), and the UV-sterilizer delivers to:
- the cold water taps

- to the freshwater heaters (4 x 600 l = 2400 l)

Two cold water circulating pumps ensure the circulation of the cold fresh water, and two warm water circulating pumps ensure the circulation of the warm fresh water.

Sewage Water-/Sanitary Waste Water/Laundry Water System
Sewage Water-System / Black Water Tank
The installed Sewage-Water-System for the toilets consists of two vacuum pumps, several branches of vacuum lines and a biological sewage treatment unit (HMSA MSD-II/50 CSTM Enlarged-VAC 4.0 m3/day, located in the Engine Room). The sewage pumps discharge treated water from the water treatment unit to the Black Water Tank.

Sanitary Waste Water System / Grey Water Tanks

The installed Sanitary Waste Water System collects the sanitary water by gravity based lines from all basins, sinks, showers, tubs, galley equipment, exterior furniture equipment into the Grey Water Tanks. Two grey water transfer pumps transfer the waste water between the Grey Water Tanks and to the sewage treatment unit.

The Grey Water Tanks can be flushed with sea water from the Seawater Fire Extinguishing System.

Climate Control

M/Y ACE is fully air conditioned in the interior spaces and ventilated in technical spaces by a HEINEN & HOPMANN single pipe central air system with central and stand-alone fan coil units (chilled water cooled), in-line pre- and reheater, thermostat controlled air mixing units, supply and exhaust air ventilators, smoke and fire dampers (remote and locally controlled) and steam humidifier.

The system is divided into seven zones. Each zone is supplied by one HVAC-unit.
The system is remotely controlled by a central monitoring system in Engine Watch Room (III L 1) and switchboards in the HVAC-rooms.
Chilled water is supplied by the Air Conditioning Refrigeration System

Provision Refrigeration System

M/Y ACE is equipped with two freshwater (sea water back up) cooled independent provision refrigeration plants (one maintains 100%, one back up, Refrigerant: R-404 A) to cool the cold and freezer stores, Garbage Room and Wine Store

Anchor and Mooring Equipment / Mooring Area

M/Y ACE is equipped with STEEN anchor and mooring equipment, which is arranged on: - Mooring Deck below the helipad

- Main Deck MID SB + PS and Main Deck AFT
For the view to the anchors, look through the mooring hatch on SB und PS.

Anchor Equipment / Chain Washing

The anchor equipment consists of:

two electrically driven two-speed (max. 12 m/min) self- breaking anchor winches with gypsy (max. Pull of approx. 14 tons, remote and fixed controlled), band brake, hand wheel and clutch mechanism for warping heads

two High Holding Power (HHP) anchors (weight 1080 kg each), one on each side forward, connected by swivels to the anchor chain two self-flaking and galvanized anchor chains of stud link type (34 mm thick, max. pull of approx. 65.5 t). Each chain is 9 shackles long (247.5 m) and is marked every 15 fathom / 90 ft / 27.5 m. Each chain is stored in a separate chain locker (access via Forepeak Store and is connected to the ship with a quick release bitter end

Pool / Jacuzzi

M/Y ACE is equipped with one Fresh Water Pool System with one pool (located on Upper Deck, approx. 29.3 m3) and one treatment unit for the pool (located in the Pool Trunk. Additionally, one Jacuzzi System is installed with one
Jacuzzi on Top Deck (approx. 1.5 m3), one Jacuzzi in Beach Lounge (approx. 1.1 m3) and one treatment unit (located in the Lower Engine Room

The systems will be filled with fresh water via the fresh-water transfer pump. This pump draws the fresh water out of the fresh water tanks and discharges it to the Pool Water Tank 31.5 m3) or Jacuzzi Water Tank, 7.9 m3).
The Jacuzzis are filled via the Jacuzzi water treatment unit, which draws the water from the Jacuzzi Water Tank. The Jacuzzis are equipped with circulation pump and heater to warm up the water in the Jacuzzi. Furthermore, it is possible to heat the water of the Jacuzzi via the treatment unit. The Jacuzzi water can be stored in the Jacuzzi Water Tank or drained outboard. The Jacuzzi is of glass-fiber type with stone mosaic (Beach Lounge) or glass mosaic (Top Deck). It is equipped with an air blower and jets with local regulation via panel. The Jacuzzi is fitted with a Water Massage System and pre-heated Air Massage System.

The pool is filled via the pool treatment unit, which draws the water from the pool water tank or directly via filling pump. The pool water is heated via pool treatment unit. Furthermore, the pool is equipped with air bubble, water fountains and swim jet. The pool water can be drained outboard or stored in the insulated Pool Water Tank. The Pool is made of S/S faired and painted and is equipped with a Counter-Flow-System.

The pipelines made of PVC/ABS. The temperature regulation is possible centrally at the heater unit


One dumbwaiter (max. 150 kg) with an S/S cabin is located on PS in compartment and is serving all decks between Tank Deck and Bridge Deck.


For boarding of M/Y ACE, one hydraulically operated and remote-controlled Passarella (length approx. 10 m, clear width 0.87 m, working load is 250 kg, raise/lower angle 15°, rotation 70°PS, 20°SB, is installed on Main Deck AFT PS.

Side Gangway

One self-levelling side gangway (working load 250 kg at 45° horizontal, length approx. 6.75 m, rotation of walkway is 180°) is installed. The side gangway is stored in the bulkhead recess on Main Deck mid SB. It operates hydraulically. It is possible to lower the side gangway on the beach door.

Bathing Stair

One hydraulically operated foldable bathing stair, recessed in the stern bathing platform, is installed. The bathing stair is equipped with manual plug-in railing, integrated underwater lights and an integrated emergency stair.

Windbreak Doors / Windshields

M/Y ACE is equipped with manually operated windbreak doors of hinged type on Bridge Deck and electrically operated windbreak doors of sliding type on Main Deck aft. The glass is of safety type

Sun Awnings

M/Y ACE is equipped with electrically driven extendable sun awning on Main Deck aft. It is integrated into the ceiling of Main Deck aft.
Furthermore, a mountable/dismountable sun awning can be installed on Upper Deck aft, Bridge Deck aft, pool area and on the outside areas on Top Deck.

Central Hydraulic System

M/Y ACE is equipped with one central hydraulic system, which consists of three hydraulic power units (HPU), their pipes and valves. The task of the central hydraulic system is to ensure the hydraulic oil supply to the following components:
- tender doors

- beach door
- side gangway
- crew door
- stern door
- rescue boat crane hatch cover - rescue boat crane
- mooring hatches

- foremast
- bathing stair
- passerelle/passerelle flap


M/Y ACE is equipped with different converters.
One converter 15 kVA is installed to supply 115V/60Hz sockets distributed on the vessel.


M/Y ACE is equipped with following Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Systems:

One 30 kVA UPS-System (230 V / 50 Hz; 5 min.) to supply following systems: - PC-Network, server and switches from the AV- and IT-System
- Telephone System
- CCTV-System

Essential Navigation Workstation in the wheelhouse console

1 x 600 Ah NAVCOM battery pack to provide 24 V DC (Refer to 2.9.5)

1 x 12 kVA Inverter-System (24 V DC / 230 V AC / 50 Hz) to support watertight valves, navigation lights and emergency lighting. Inverters are feeded by the NAVCOM battery pack.

Batteries (24 V DC) / Charger / Rectifier

M/Y ACE is equipped with 24 V batteries. Navigation rectifier

one 24V DC battery pack (600 Ah), for the supply of 24 V DC supply of relevant navigation equipment
Automation 1 rectifier

Battery pack (100 Ah), the supply in case of power failure, the systems via a rectifier for 30 minutes with 24 V DC it supplies Monitoring and Control System Automation 2 rectifier battery pack (100 Ah), the supply in case of power failure, the systems via a rectifier for 30 minutes with 24 V DC. It supplies the monitoring control system the batteries are located in Lower Engine Room

One battery (approx. 100 Ah) for radio communication with one battery charger and the battery is located in Radio/Ship’s Office (V B 2) on Bridge Deck.

Two batteries for starting emergency generator set with one charging rectifier (approx. 200 Ah).

Shore Connection

One shore connection via transformer is located in Steering Gear PS (I T 2 L) on Lower Deck AFT PS with access via porthole. It consists of:

- 1 x Shore connection box with two sockets (each with circuit breaker and voltmeter) - 2 x Shore connection cable (50 m each)
- 2 x Transformer (each 200 kVA)
- Input: 380 / 400 / 420 V, 50 Hz

- Output: 400 / 230 V, 50 Hz

Main- / Emergency Lighting

M/Y ACE is equipped with main lighting, emergency lighting, navigation- and signal lighting as well as different special lighting applications.
The control of the interior- and exterior lighting system is provided by an Aqua Signal© Dimming System (ASD); except technical and for crew areas. The lights can be controlled by the BIS from the Wheelhouse or locally in owners and guest areas.

Underwater Lighting

Below waterline 43 underwater lights are installed around the hull into watertight S/S cover back boxes, to illuminate the surrounding water and bow. The lights are controlled from the BIS.
The change of lamps from inside the yacht is possible.

Eight underwater lights are integrated into the bathing stair aft and controlled from the BIS.


M/Y ACE is equipped with sockets of different voltage in various locations. Following voltage types are distributed:
400V / 50 Hz

230V / 50 Hz 115V / 60 Hz

Accommodation / Service Spaces
Owner Living
The owner’s living area is mainly situated on Bridge Deck.
The Owner’s Stateroom can accommodate two owners. One Owner’s Bathroom with a Jacuzzi bathtub and a shower, one WC incl. bidet and one walk-in dressing room are arranged on Bridge Deck AFT.
One Owner's Sitting Room (and one Owner's Office are there. Both rooms have access to the Owner's Balcony.

Guest Living

M/Y ACE is equipped with four guest cabins. These cabins are located on Main Deck. All guest cabins have integrated bathrooms with WC, shower / bathtub or shower.
Every cabin can accommodate two guests. In total eight guests can be accommodated.

Guest Staircases

The main staircase for owner and guests is located on mid PS. It runs from Lower Deck to Top Deck
Guest Areas
The public areas are located from Lower Deck to Crow's Nest. The wellness area and a bathing platform are located on Lower Deck. The Cinema the Gym and the Outside Lounge are located on Main Deck. A pool is located on the Upper Deck FWD with respective sun beds on each side. Furthermore, the Forward Living Room, the Formal Dining, the Upper Deck Lounge and the Exterior Informal Dining are located on Upper Deck. The Tea Room and two outside areas are located on Top Deck. A Jacuzzi is installed on the Top Deck FWD. At the Crow's Nest a Lounge Seat is arranged.

Gymnasium / Sauna Area

A sports room with sports equipment is located in Gymnasium on Main Deck.
For recreation a wellness area is located on Lower Deck. The wellness area includes a Sauna, Hammam, a Shower Room, Beach Lounge with plunge pool and Jacuzzi. Additionally, it is possible to open the beach door.
A massage/hairdressing room is located on Main Deck
Massage Room / Beauty Salon
On main deck, contains a massage table and salon chair. Room also includes a pullman to sleep one and its own bathroom with WC and shower. Room could be converted into an additional guest cabin.

Galley / Service Pantries

The Galley of M/Y ACE is located on Main Deck PS. The Galley is equipped with different cooking equipment, dishwasher, freezers and icemaker.
On Upper Deck two pantries are arranged, the FWD Pantry and AFT Pantry. A dumbwaiter is installed in the crew staircase area near the Galley for the transport of the food from the Galley to the pantries.

The pantries are equipped with fridge, icemaker, coffee machine and dishwasher.

Laundry / Laundry Equipment

One Laundry is arranged on Tank Deck PS. The Laundry is equipped with washing machines, tumble dryer, rotary ironer and iron board. The air out of the tumble dryer is running to the outlet via lint filter.

Cold and Provision Stores

M/Y ACE is equipped on Tank Deck FWD PS with:
two refrigerator rooms, Refrigerator + 2oC, approx. 20 m3, usable as additional Freezer Store) one Freezer - 20oC, approx. 11 m3)
Each store is equipped with an evaporating unit, served by the provision cooling plants, and shelves. The door frames are heated. The store temperature and door opening are monitored. A lock-in alarm is installed.
Three dry stores, with shelves are installed on Tank Deck FWD SB.

Wine Store

A Wine Store six wine fridges is arranged on Tank Deck.

Garbage Room

One Garbage Room (+ 2oC, approx. 4 m3, can be used as additional cold or freezer store) is arranged on Lower Deck MID PS next to the Lobby.

Tender Garage

The Tender Garage on Lower Deck aft provides storage space for two tender boats, one ski boat and three PWC. It is closed by the tender doors on SB + PS. The Tender Garage is equipped with the tender cranes, cradles, cupboards, a workbench with sink, deck wash- and compressed air connections.

Dive Equipment / Dive Compressor

M/Y ACE is equipped with diving equipment of 16 compressed air bottles, diving equipment, suits and equipment.
The compressed air bottles will be filled by one air compressor via the compressed air station located in the Steering Gear SB


M/Y ACE is designed for operation of helicopter type Eurocopter EC130B4 or similar (max. weight: 2427 kg, max. length with running rotors: 12.64 m) on daylight and visual flight conditions and for private use only.

Helicopter Pad

The helicopter pad (helipad) of M/Y ACE is designed for starting, landing and short duration parking of helicopters and a max. total load of 3600 kg.

Network / Computer and Entertainment Systems
M/Y ACE is equipped with an IP based Network. This dedicated Network is separated from the Navigation- and Automation Systems.


The installed LAN (Local Area Network) is virtually divided in separated VLANs (Virtual Local Area Network). These VLANs are used for the Entertainment System, CCTV, WLAN and Office Network.
The Yacht is equipped with one Fileserver for the ship's LAN.


The coverage of the WLAN System is in general for all main areas on M/Y ACE (except e.g. some technical areas and voids). The WLAN is also using the virtual splitting via the VLAN System. The WLAN names would be indicated via different Service Set Identifiers (SSIDs). M/Y ACE is equipped with following WLAN SSIDs:

Guest, Administration _Crestron _Crew _Phones

2.13.2 Entertainment Systems

M/Y ACE is equipped with an Entertainment System:
2 x Sea Tel 6004 (TVRO) Satellite Systems with quad LNBs

1 x Sea Tel 6009 (VSAT) Satellite System with exchangeable LNB for Europe and the USA

The Entertainment System has centre connection to: All outside communication lines

Telephone System / PABX, Gyro Compass System, DGPS System, UPS power supply from the ship's UPS system

Matrix Switch System for up to 72 extensions

Audio- / Video-System

The main equipment of the centralized AV system is located in the AV Room on Tank Deck. The local equipment is integrated into the interior and exterior.

Television System

TVs are installed in the interior areas.


M/Y ACE is equipped with a separate Cinema on Main Deck.

Tender Tracking System

M/Y ACE is equipped with a Tender Tracking System for the tender boats (information: position + depth) and PWC (information: position) with an interface to the ship's ECDIS.

Navigation Equipment

Navigation Systems: 1 x ceiling magnetic compass 2 x Gyro Compass System 1 x electromagnetic speed log 1 x Nautoconning System 1 x anemometer 1 x Steering Control

System 5 x ECDIS application on various workstations (tender tracking interface included) 1 x EMRI Electronic Anchoring System 1 x S-Band Radar System 1 x X-Band Radar System 4 x radar application on various work station
Radio Navigation Systems:

1 x AIS System 2 x DGPS System
2 x searchlight
1 x Speed log System with gate valve 1 x Echosounder System

Optical Navigation / Signaling Sys.: Log Systems:
Sound Detection Systems:

Communication Equipment

External Communication: 1 x MF/HF-System 3 x VHF System 1 x Navtex System 2 x INMARSAT-C Satellite Communication System no. 1 for integrated Ship's Security Alert System (SSAS) no. 2 for Long Range Identification + Tracking Service (LRIT) 1 x INMARSAT Fleet 500 Broadband Communication Syst. 1 x VSAT System 2 x GSM System

Navigation Data & Alarm Management System (Nautoconning)

M/Y ACE is equipped with a Navigation Data and Alarm Management System (Nautoconning). It consists of:
computer navigation data manager conning display

It displays the status of connected navigation sensors on the dedicated nautoconning monitor within the bridge console.
Multifunction consoles (MFC) provides access to conning, radar and ECDIS application if all relevant software for conning, radar and ECDIS is installed on a single computer.

Gyro Compass / Portable Pelorus Compass

M/Y ACE is equipped with one twin set Gyro Compass System with gyro operator unit and repeaters. The Gyro Compass System is connected to the integrated bridge system. The repeaters are distributed over the ship

Joystick and Electronic Anchoring System

M/Y ACE is equipped with a Joystick and Electronic Anchoring System from EMRI.

Radar Systems

M/Y ACE is equipped with one 25 kW X-Band and one 30 kW S-Band Radar. Both are located at the Main Mast with a blind sector based on the mast design/structure. The respective workstations are located within the bridge console.

Electronic Chart System (ECDIS)

M/Y ACE is equipped with an Electronic Chart Display Information System (ECDIS) for Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) with backup units in the bridge console as per build specification.

Night Vision Camera System

M/Y ACE is equipped with one Flir Night Vision Camera on Main Mast. The system control is available from the Wheelhouse console.

Television Monitoring System (CCTV System)

M/Y ACE is equipped with a Bosch Network based CCTV-System

Door Locking System

M/Y ACE is equipped with a card-based door locking system for inside and outside doors.

Life Rafts / Life Jackets / Lifebuoys
Life Rafts
Four 25 persons life rafts are stored in niches on Main Deck, two at each side in Life Raft Store. Furthermore, two 12 persons life rafts are stored in niches on Main Deck in Life Raft Store

Sprinkler / HI-FOG© Spray-System

One combined Sprinkler- and HI-FOG©-Spray-System is installed, and the pump unit is located in the Technical Bow Thruster Room

Fire Detection

A Fire Detecting System with addressed smoke/heat detectors and manual call points located in accommodation and machinery spaces as well as alarm panels in the Wheelhouse and Engine Watch Room is installed. The system is connected to IMCS, duty alarm panels, Light Column System, store lift, HI-FOG© System, fire doors and the GA/PA System.

Ship’s Security Alert System (SSAS)

The Ship's Security Alert System (SSAS) is part of the INMARSAT-C-System

Rescue Equipment / Ship Radio Alert Systems

Rescue boat:
Life raft:
Life jackets:
Immersion suit:
Distress signals:
Ship Radio Alert System:

Fire Fighting Equipment

1 x rescue boat (4.2 m, SOLAS approved)
4 x life rafts of 25 Persons each 2 x life rafts of 12 Persons each 8 x lifebuoys
52 x life jackets (4 x children-, 48 x adult-sized)
48 x immersion suits
1 x set distress signals
Ship's Security Alert System (SSAS) (Integrated into one INMARSAT-C Satellite Communication System)

Water Fire Fighting Systems: 1 x Seawater Fire Extinguishing System 1 x Sprinkler- / HI-FOG© - System

Fire extinguisher: fire extinguisher for the fire class A, B, C and F Firemen outfit: 4 x fireman outfits incl. suits and SCBA

Upgrades and Improvements

  • -  Apple TV’s (4th Generation) added to all areas. (2018)

  • -  Media Players (Mac Mini’s) added to all areas. (2018)

  • -  Old Samsung tablets used for remotes replaced with iPad Mini’s. (2018)

  • -  External JBL speaker sockets added to Main Deck Aft. (2017)

  • -  ZonePro Audio Processors upgraded to latest generation. (2019)

  • -  Kaleidescape system for guests installed from build 2012

  • -  Full disco set up for Top deck aft, strobe lights, smoke machines, laser lights, DJ

  • -  Mixing deck JBL speakers.

    IT Upgrades

  • -  All old Cisco switches replaced with Brocade switches with 10G Backbone. (2017)

  • -  All Wi-Fi Access Points upgraded. (2017)

  • -  Upgrade of entire Cisco Telephone system. (2019)

  • -  4G /LTE Gateway upgraded to Pepwave HD4 Multi Cellular Gateway. (2017)

  • -  Upgraded original Bosch CCTV server and monitoring stations to Milestone Husky.

  • -  (2017).

  • -  New generation Kerio Firewall installed. (2019)

  • -  Interior service radios upgraded to Motorola ST7000’s. (2018)

  • -  GSM repeater upgraded to comply with European regulations. (2018)

    Bridge Upgrades

    • -  2 x Transas Workstations added to Bridge. (2018)

    • -  Airband radio upgraded to comply with latest European regulations. (2018)

    • -  Analogue wind sensor added to mast with switchover facility. (2017)

      Tenders and Toys

      1 x Hinckley Talaria T29R 8.9m - 2011
      1 x Zodiac Prolux 918 9.4m - 2012
      1 x DBS420 IRB 4.2m – 2012 (Rescue Boat) 1 x Yamaha GP1800 2019
      2 x Yamaha GP1800 2020
      3 x F5S Seabobs – 2018
      1 x 1 Man Hobie Kayak
      1 x 2 Man Hobie Kayak
      2 x Solid SUP’s
      2 x Jobe Inflatables


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