AB YACHTS company is the gold standard in the modern boatbuilding industry

AB YACHTS is an Italian shipyard established in 1992. The company specializes in the manufacture of pleasure yachts, combining the luxurious design and modern approach to engineering and manufacturing. By producing the small size vessels, AB YACHTS has become the first shipyard that used the water-jet engines and structural adhesives. Since 2001, the company is included in Fipa Group.

The main enterprise that produces and stores the yachts is located in Massa, on the coast of the Ligurian Sea. The company consists of several fabric buildings with a total area of 26 000 m2 and outdoor areas of 80 000 m2. The sales department is located at the distance of 30 kilometers from Massa, in Viareggio. The repair works, different exhibitions are taken place here.

Besides the production, the company is engaged in repair, maintenance, vessel storage services, provides the assistance in its registration, crew selection. Both new and pre-owned yachts are on sale.

At present the AB YACHTS includes the yachts with a length of 58-145 meters. Each of the seven models shall please the future owner with its reference technical specifications, luxury design in the Italian style and ease of maintenance. The manufacturers are moving away from the traditional technologies and patterns, trying to make the really new vessels made of composite materials.

The yacht's design includes the elements and technologies used in the aerospace industry. For example, the vessels do not have any bolts or other connections that result in vibration and noise under speed conditions. The water-jet engines are actively used.

The AB YACHTS company is a real benchmark in the field of modern yachts.

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