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The world yacht-building leader Abeking & Rasmussen, Co. was founded in 1907. Its founders – George Abeking and Henry Rasmussen – have done practically an impossible thing - they were the first ones to build a wharf, where gorgeous sail yachts and lush motor boats are still being built to this very day.

In its long span of existence, despite being widely popular and enjoying enormous number of clients, the company still manages to keep a family style of conducting their business. For the clients it means that they can always expect ultimate customer service and individual approach to their needs.

Regardless of how peculiar you wish might be – whether it’s a small pearly white 1960’s style classical boat or a luxurious mega yacht – the company will respond readily to any demand. The results of their work have been duly noted: at the dawn of the new millennium, their “Excellence III” yacht has been nominated with a prestigious “Superyacht Award”.

A small town of Lemwerder, Bremen has become a birthplace for this company. That is where a couple of manufacturing plants are located, equipped with environmentally friendly and safe technologies.

If you are looking to buy a new yacht, then Abeking & Rasmussen should be one of your top choices. Here you can place a custom order to build a yacht of any size or type: sail or motor, small boat or mega yacht.

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