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Alaskan Yachts, Inc. is the world known manufacturer that has become famous for building yachts that are capable of covering great distances at the worst weather conditions. If you are in the market for a new ‘work’ yacht, a yacht for extreme voyages and are worried not only about the looks, comfort and speed, but also the sturdiness of the yacht, then Alaskan is definitely your choice.

The first Alaskan boats and trawlers have become known in 1949, and since around 1960s-70s, the brand has been gaining its popularity. During that time, the yachts were being made of wood and the building site was located in Hong-Kong. In 1996, the company, headed by Arthur De Favre, started making completely new designed yachts from fiberglass. This new “Alaskans” have earned world fame from the very first day of being put afloat. And in 1998, the yard had become known as one of the leading manufacturers.

Despite the modernized hull construction and modern technologies that are used in building of the hulls and control systems, the “Alaskans” have kept its traditional form and design. Thus, many of the trawler boats, built in 2000s, look the same as their wooden counterparts of the 50s-60s.

ALASKAN – is the brand that could really be proud of its long term and successful “career” in the field of yacht manufacturing.

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