ALDEN YACHTS - the American shipbuilding legend

ALDEN YACHTS is a shipyard that has become a true legend in the world of yachtbuilding. The shipyard was opened in 1909, in Portsmouth (Rhode Island). Its founder, John Alden, during his period work made over thousand of motor and sailing boats.

It all started in 1902, when Alden became a disciple of the famous designer. By 1909, he became an expert sailor and designer and opened his own firm in Boston. So there was ALDEN brand.

The shipyard did not win its laurels at once: only in 1932, when the Malabar X yacht won the races in Bermuda, the company gained prominence. It was the third victory in the races: in 1923 Alden participated with Malabar IV, and in 1926 - with Malabar VII.

Alden Yachts specialized in so-called semicustom yachts: ??? vessels were manufactured according to the existing projects, modifying them to the requirements and wishes of the customers. Among them there were motor yachts and sailboats. Many of them could (and still can) survive in the harsh weather conditions.

The ALDEN yachts are known far beyond the boundaries of the United States. Due to its design and driving performance they are highly competitive with the best European vessels. Many of them are still afloat and are not considered as a rarity. Among them are the classic sailing ships and modern motor boats.

The shipyard "lived" until 2008. Now it is not functioning, and the remained vessels were deposited to MIT Museum (Cambridge). The collection is regularly updated.

ALDEN YACHTS is the legend of the American shipbuilding industry that played a great role in the development of the yachting market in the USA and set the high quality standards for the modern shipyards.

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