ALEXANDER STEPHEN & SONS - the legend from Scotland

ALEXANDER STEPHEN & SONS is the old-school shipyard, established in Scotland, on the Clyde River (Glasgow). The company was founded by Alexander Stephen in 1750. His children and grandchildren established two shipbuilding companies - in Aberdeen and Arbroath. The namesake and descendant of the founder, Alexander Stephan, amalgamated the companies in 1828. Throughout its period of existence ALEXANDER STEPHEN & SONS moved several times and expanded its production. The company had a lot of branches, the last of which closed in 1982.

ALEXANDER STEPHEN & SONS was a large shipyard that built not only sailing boats, but also the large vessels, including the motor vessels. In 1968 it entered Upper Clyde Shipbuilders, having associated with four other major shipbuilders of Glasgow.

ALEXANDER STEPHEN & SONS was actively developing new technology. This company made both the traditional sailing ships and steamers. The shipyard produced the cargo and passenger ships, torpedo-boat destroyers, bulk carriers, trawlers, tankers, cruisers, aircraft carriers, landing ship tanks, frigates, support ships. The company played an important role in the Second World War: during the years of confrontation with Germany it built the warships. After the war, the shipyard moved into the field of civil shipbuilding.

ALEXANDER STEPHEN & SONS was also engaged in yachtbuilding, but the scopes of work on the private boats and cargo-and-passenger ships are not comparable. The yachts built here, reflect a traditional approach to quality, technical specifications, and reliability.

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