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AMERICAN TUG is a brand owned by Tomco Marine Group. This company was established by two people - Thomas Nelson, the actual owner and founder, and Lynn Senura, the well-known naval architect. The first company of Tom, Nelson Yacht Corporation, specialized in the construction of the custom yachts 70-90 feet in length. Then Nelson established Tomco Marine Group and began to produce the towing boats.

The AMERICAN TUG brand is known not for the first dozen years. The company that is manufacturing the towing yachts, is located in Florida. Today, the range of Tomco Marine Group includes four models (365, 395, 435 and 485) of motorized vessels. These are the displacement yachts with a large superstructure that are perfect for river cruises, trips on the lakes and calm waters.

The AMERICAN TUG boats are of a very short length - from 36.5 to 48.5 feet. Their hulls are made of fiberglass, and on the board there is everything you need for travelling: from the cabins and cozy salon to the tanks for fresh water and fuel.

The ships can be used for excursions, river cruises, romantic dates. Even the brokerage boats made by AMERICAN TUG can be used for many years (thus, the manufacturers provide a ten-year guarantee for the hull).

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