BAGLIETTO - the Italian quality mark

BAGLIETTO is an Italian brand existing for more than 150 years in the yacht market. In recent years the Baglietto Yachts company suffered considerable difficulties due to the global economic crisis. Only the inclusion into Gavio group saved the situation. The group of companies makes every effort to restore the brand. Now this group includes Cantieri di Pisa and Cantieri Navali Bagietto.

Cantieri Navali Bagietto is engaged in production of the sport, semi-displacement and displacement yachts with aluminum hull. The length of vessels is up to 40 meters. Founded in 1854, today the company owns the area of 19,000 square meters in Varazze.

Cantieri di Pisa is operated since 1945. It was founded in La Spezia. The model range of the shipyard consists of the boats up to 40 meters in length with a hull made of composite materials, mega-yachts, ferries and military vessels. The company occupies 32 thousand square meters.

Both companies have its own design offices and all the technical capabilities to build vessels from 18 to 150 meters in length.

Having joined the efforts, the shipyards produce the updated yachts under the Baglietto brand. These are the high-speed, comfortable, just beautiful ships that will suit the connoisseurs of luxury and speed.

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