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It is not a mere coincidence that this company was named after the renowned explorer. If Vitus Bering, the famous conqueror of the northern seas lived today, he would have definitely chosen ships made by this company.

Bering Ocean Yachts make super sturdy steel boats ranging in length from 17 to 23 m. They ideally match the severe weather conditions at high seas. These yachts exhibit all the advantages that a safe sea voyage can provide. They can withstand ocean waves up to 4 meters high. Originally, designers used a Norwegian fishing trawler as a prototype. That is why any voyager piloting a Bering yacht can cope even with a North Sea storm! The yachts are made of steel, which allows them to resist strain better than fiberglass or composite material. Every little detail has been given a thorough attention: the hull is divided with steel partitions that make it impossible to break apart, the propeller blades have additional protection, most of the controls have duplicates and every yacht has a hybrid power engine installed. One can go as far as crossing an ocean in such a yacht or simply take a cruise along the shoreline.

Extra value for every client is the opportunity to develop a cooperative blueprint with the yard’s designers in addition to the exclusive interior design. Bering strives to make every dream of its clients come true, starting with the smallest interior detail and even changing the boat plan as the result.

Just as Bering Sea is one of the most formidable and lavish seas at the same time, so are Bering yachts being the choice of a grown responsible adult who nonetheless understands, that Nature is stronger than a man. It is a yacht for an individual, who finally wants to veer off the beaten path and explore something new!

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