BILGIN YACHTS - the Тsuper-superyachts" from Turkey

BILGIN YACHTS is one of the largest Turkish yachtbuilders with the history of more than 100 years that combines 6 shipyards with a total area of 27 thousand square meters. The company employs over 300 high-profile professionals who perform 90% of the work on the yachts. They produce not only the boats, but also the furniture and interiro design items, stainless steel accessories, and much more.

The company is located in Turkey, and most of its facilities are located in the Greater Istanbul area.

BILGIN YACHTS creates unique superyachts that anticipate the desires of future owners. Only 10% of the production is transferred to subcontractors, all other things are produced by the specialists from BILGIN. Some of them work in the company for more than 40 years.

They build the yachts of up to 55 meters in length. They are not the biggest and not the most expensive in the world, but they can help in implementation of a dream about freedom, luxury and travelling around the world. The main principles of work in BILGIN YACHTS are honesty and focus on the best skills and knowledge. The company supports European values, manufacturing the yachts that do not harm the environment.

BILGIN produces the "super-superyachts". Everything on the board of BILGIN board - to the last detail - is of the highest quality and is able to please its owner for many decades.

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