Elegance, Aggressiveness, Speed..

This company’s name characterizes all of the features of the yachts it produces - they are fast, aggressive and elegant at the same time.

The Blackfin brand was created in 2007, and by yacht manufacturers’ standards it may be considered young. Nevertheless, just after making its first yacht, it has earned itself a reputation of a promising premium brand that became famous all over the world. The reason for it, first of all, was the Elegance model line, that has defined the path, which the company still follows.

Blackfin features splendid design with contemporary accents.

Luxurious and beautiful Elegance yachts, at the same time, do not fall behind their sporty counterparts in speed and maneuverability. The V-shaped hull of the yachts make them stable and comfortable even in the hardest of conditions. As for the various parts, made with the help of latest CAD/CAM technologies, they will surely meet all of the customers’ demands.

BLACKFIN company owners closely follow all the trends on the yacht market and always present their customers with numerous options. Among them is the assortment of color choices for the piping and upholstery, plentiful enough for the customer to make the optimal selection.

The hulls are also made of the latest materials. They are highly durable, protecting against discoloration and scratches. All of that, coupled with sturdy construction, allows the manufacturer to offer extended warranty on the hulls and the other parts of the yachts.

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