BREWER - the yacht designed for traveling

BREWER is a sign of quality, reliability and simplicity. This brand is known around the world as well as its owner, designer and developer Ted Brewer.

TED BREWER Yacht Design designed sailing and motor yachts with a steel, aluminum, wood, fiberglass hull. Brewer did not focus on one type of ships and each time he made a boat from scratch. And this fact conditioned a variety of shapes, forms and materials. During the work time he developed more than 250 projects of different levels of difficulty.

Ted Brewer was born in Canada (Hamilton, Ontario) in 1933. Up until 1957 he served in the army, and then took up sailing. His career began in a broker office. Having collaborated with George Cuthbertson, he learned a lot about the design and construction of the boats, and later he became friends with Dick Telford who was the designer and constructor. In the 60s Brewer moved to the United States of America, to Brooklyn, where he worked with Bob Wallstrom, producing more than 100 yachts from 18 to 64 feet in length. Since the 70s he worked on yachts with metal hulls and the length of up to 100 feet. For more than 20 years he lived in Washington, having designed another 160 structures.

Since 1999, Ted and his wife have been living on Gabriola Island. His boats are still in demand, and the designs are sold.

The BREWER yachts are practical, comfortable and reliable. They are designed for the real sailors who dream of a multi-day trips and navigate the ships by themselves.

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