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If you are looking for most luxurious yacht in the world, you should definitely look into BUDDY DAVIS. This brand is widely known among the passionate fans of comfort, stability and comfort.

A BUDDY DAVIS yacht is ideal - inside and outside. There’s a whole team of designers, working on every one of the yachts, turning an ordinary vessel into the genuine masterpiece. The company has been in the industry for more than 25 years and all the experience, stored over the years, lets them indulge their clients with more and more perfect boats.

In the yacht manufacturing process the company uses the latest computer solutions, that significantly make s the job easier and reduces the time for design work and manufacturing process.

In addition, by reducing the number of press forms to the minimum, the engineers manages to make the yachts lighter, faster and agile.

The whole manufacturing process of the BUDDY DAVIS boats take place in one location, from the drafting board to the smallest part. That allows to control the quality of each part, which in its turn guarantees the extended lifetime of the yacht for the customer.

BUDDY DAVIS yachts are mainly used for fishing and occasional short trips. Regardless of rather compact sizes, these boats match the most expensive mega yachts in comfort and stability.

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