CANTIERI DI PISA - the masterpieces of marine architecture

CANTIERI DI PISA is an Italian shipyard that produces the custom superyachts. The length of the vessels made by this yard is from 27 to 47 meters.

Founded in 1945, Cantieri di Pisa at first made the wooden boats for civilian and military purposes. 11 years later, the owners made a rebranding having changed the name (to Darsena Pisana), and field of activity. Since then, the shipyard started to build large yachts equipped with a motor. By the way, each of these yachts received the name in honor of the celestial bodies - "Jupiter" (1961), "Saturn" (1960), "Kitalfa" (1970), "Polaris" (1962). Since the beginning of the seventies the shipyard produced the Akhir series that was prepared by the well-known designer Pierluigi Spadolini.

A distinctive feature of Cantieri di Pisa is the powerful engines due to which even the large vessel is capable of going faster than 30 knots. Maneuverability is preserved in its entirety, providing the owner and passengers with complete safety.

The yachts made by CANTIERI DI PISA are unique. These are the true masterpieces in the world of yacht building, perfect in everything - from the exterior and interior to speed performance. Using modern technology and rigorous testing of each ship on the water, the company is building the truly noteworthy yachts.

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