CANTIERI DI SARNICO - the Italian shipbuilding giant

CANTIERI DI SARNICO is a relatively young Italian shipyard, following the traditions laid down by the most famous Mediterranean shipbuilders. The company was established in 1992 and is located in Sarnico (Italy). Despite the short period of work, it has received the status of one of the world leaders in the design and construction of elite boats.

Mission of CANTIERI DI SARNICO is production of the yachts that combine comfort and excellent speed performance, reliability of traditional technology and efficiency of innovations. Every ship of this brand is easily recognizable - and not only because of its hull design or interior, but also because of ease of operation, light weight and maneuverability.

The shipbuilding company is expanding every year. For example, in 2003 it opened a new shipyard - Capriolo which effective area is more than 10 thousand kilometers. It is possible to build up to 200 yachts per year.

CANTIERI DI SARNICO is specialized in relatively small vessels - from 12 to 20 meters in length. These are both the cruising yachts designed for long sea trips and sports racing boats.

Combination of fidelity to traditions and new technologies that are regularly introduced in the construction of these yachts, is not easy, but it is done in Cantieri di Sarnico. The result is obvious: the shipyards of the manufacturer launch the boats that have great durability, strength, and elegant and luxurious design that is typical for the Italian yachts.

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