CAPE DORY - the legend of the coast

CAPE DORY is an American shipyard that built the boats, sailboats and pleasure trawlers during the period from 1963 to 1996. In addition to the custom boats, the company also built several commercial vessels. Andrew Vavolotis opened the first company in Bridgewater, and then moved it to Taunton.

The first vessel of the company was a small sailing boat made of fiberglass. When the shipyard moved to Taunton it already began to produce thousands of ships. At first there were simple sailing ships that were in solid demand, and then there were cruising yachts. Then the powerboats and minesweepers were added to this list. The developers made the CAPE DORY yachts more maneuverable due to the simple lines of the hull.

When the company was closed, part of the hulls and boat designs was bought by Robinhood Marine. Older vessels that were in use by the owners eventually began to be offered for sale by the dealers. These boats can be found on sale. They are still reliable and functional. Each of them has different type of design.

A distinctive feature of the custom boats of this manufacturer is handling quality and excellent cruising speed. In addition, the hulls of these vessels can withstand the most severe challenges. They do not lose their reliability and are unaffected by sea water.


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