CAPE HORN - creating the excellence

CAPE HORN is a shipyard in Florida (USA) that for already three decades has been producing the reliable and beautiful custom boats made of composites. The vessels are not only practical, but also have an increased level of comfort. Many boats have been produced for fishing enthusiasts. They are designed for coastal waters and have excellent speed and maneuverability.

The manufacturer carefully thought out every ship model in the range. The developers were working on the outlines of the hulls, trying to make the boats faster and more aesthetically pleasing. And the company managed to create something unique - the small boats for coastal waters that look like the luxury yachts.

CAPE HORN strives to make the best boats in the world in order to meet all customers' requests. Many ships have been produced by the shipyard according to the individual orders. The company has its own traditions and standards which the manufacturer continues to follow year on year. The standards and traditions attract the buyers, because each boat of CAPE HORN is perfect.

The manufacturer can not guarantee that it will produce a boat that is ideal for any person. But the shipyard can make the vessel that is ideal for the certain customer and will reflect his character. Some ships of the shipyard can be found on sale by the dealers.

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