CAROLINA CLASSIC - the classic coastal vessels

CAROLINA CLASSIC is the US shipyard, located in North Carolina. It produces classic fishing boats. The company is manufacturing the boats with a length of 28-35 feet or according to the customer's dimensions. The buyer can order the size of the boat and give a list of preferences. The vessels are made in a classic style, such boats were produced in the last century. The classic form is well proven.

Following the strict classical features of the hull during the manufacture of boats, the company uses the modern materials for the construction of ships. Therefore, each yacht is safely protected from the destructive influence of moisture and time.

The boats of CAROLINA CLASSIC are relatively lightweighed and have the smooth shape of the hull. Therefore, they are easily riding on waves, overcoming the obstacles. Such vessels are designed primarily for coastal waters, so please, do not press your luck and use them for going into the open sea.

The boats can be used for personal or commercial purposes. Some ships of the company can be found today at the dealers - they were sold by the previous owners. These boats are time-tested - all damage of the ships can be usually found during the first years of service. Having bought the ships from the dealer, you can expect a long service life of the boat.

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