CATANA - the luxury catamarans for active recreation

CATANA is a French shipyard that manufactures luxury catamarans and sailboats. The vessels of this company are used by the inveterate yachtsmen for active recreation. The catamarans made by CATANA are the models of perfection. These boats have the classic features and at the same time they are equipped with modern technologies. The shipyard owns the trademarks Bali catamarans and Catana. 5 out of 8 models of sailing catamarans, produced at the shipyard, are withdrew from production.

The vessels are made of composites, it provides them with mobility and high speed of movement. The owners note that the boats designed at the shipyard, can serve as a house. They have everything people need for a comfortable life. Any boat of the CATANA shipyard can be placed in a convenient place so at any time you can settle on the coast. If desired, the owner may raise the anchor at any time.

The catamarans are commonly used for navigation in coastal waters. However, the boats, produced by the French shipyard, have a margin of safety. They can overcome long distances, crossing the deep waters from time to time.

It is possible to purchase both new and old ships of the company. The manufacturer has worked with the atamarans for a long time. The boats produced many years ago, have already been renovated before the sale by the former owners. Now they have some features without which the modern person can not imagine his life - the technology. The boats do not need other modifications. After all, they are reliable and practical.

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