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CENTURY has been bulding the boats for almost one hundred years, the shipyard was founded in 1926. This company is manufacturing the luxurious but functional vessels for fish catching. Since the opening the shipyard has been specialized in the production of boats for fishermen and their families. Over the years, the ships were improved, and today it is more than just the boat for fishing.

Once the wood was used for the boats, but today, all vessels from stem to stern are made of composites - the modern materials that are not susceptible to moisture and time. All watercrafts are equipped with electronics - the company applies advanced technologies in the construction of ships.

The shipyard builds the boats with flybridge and without flybridge. The range of the motor boats includes the pleasure boats, vessels for fishing and cruising speed models. When you look at any of the boats there is an association with just one word - perfection. These boats are the real luxury, ownership of any of the ships can be a real pleasure.

CENTURY has a production site in Florida, USA. They make 100% of the company's vessels here. Every year the company is improving its boats to offer the customers the best vessels for fishing that are only existing in the world. So far, the manufacturer successfully manages to be one of the best.

Having chosen the CENTURY boats, many buyers do not know what to choose exactly. After all, each of the boats is beautiful in its own way. The brokers can offer the new and used vessels of this brand. You can find the novelties and model that has more than a dozen years of history.

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