CERRI - the Italian luxury vessels

CERRI is a shipyard in Italy that produces the luxury sports yachts with a hardtop and flybridge. The company uses the latest developments for the production of these vessels. During the manufacture of boats the shipyard uses composites. These materials provide the strength and durability of vessels. In addition, due to the composites it is possible to develop the complex shape of the hulls.

Design of the ships of this Italian brand is developed in a contemporary style. These boats embody the dream of a respectable ship of a new generation. Inside the sports boats a lot of attention paid to the design and usability. Usually, the sports vessels are produces with the austere design, but not the CERRI yachts.

The boat models feature a stylish metallic color shade. There are also classic white yachts, but they are fewer. On the lower decks of the boats every inch of space is rationally planned to be able to accommodate everything you need. Despite the modern equipment, the boat design does not seem to be overloaded with additional elements, there is even a feeling of spaciousness.

The yachts from Italy have the most modern equipment on board. Such boats can be on the water for a long time. The most important thing is that you can live on the board without experiencing severe discomfort. Everything you need for a comfortable stay already belongs to the owner. The vessels may develop decent speed. If you need to overcome a considerable distance for the short period of time, then this boat is irreplaceable. It is ideal both for the lovers of speed, and for the business people who want to be mobile.

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