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Cerri Cantieri Navali is an Italian shipbuilding company that not only builds, but also designs the vessels. The company is classified as a full cycle shipyard: it employs the full-time architects and designers. The well-known experts are developing the vessels for the shipyard; if the vessel is made-to-order, then then third-party designers can be involved for development of the project.

The company is producing the sport boats with a hard top and an open top. The streamlined form of sports yachts is admired even among the experts. Such vessels force us to dream of something sublime. They create the feeling of flying over the water - the yachts are moving so fast.

In addition to the sports boats, the company also produces the high-grade cruising yachts that are designed for long voyages. On these boats you can live without discomfort. These are the ships with two or three decks. They can accommodate additional passengers.

Cerri Cantieri Navali regularly offers new items. The shipyard is developing the advanced models of both sports and pleasure yachts. There are reputable vessels that can be called rgw ships than rgw yachts. Such boats are custom-made for very wealthy clients. But the shipyard also produces the series models. The company is cooperating with the brokers who can offer the brand new boats and ships that have been sold by the former owners.

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