The most award-winning company

Chaparral is rather the most award winning yacht manufacturer in the world. It has won the most prestigious Boat of the Year award on 12 occasions! American Consumer Council gave Chaparral the “Best in Class” title 32 times. Yachting magazines award receiving and three consecutive times Boat of the Year contest winning company – all of that is Chaparral. Moreover, it is also ISO 9001:2000 certified.

The quality of any Chaparral vessel is at its highest. Every plant makes its own type of yacht. There are SSX sport clippers series, cruise clippers and SSi bowriders series, all-purpose Sunesta series and dashing Signature cruisers. This separate production approach provides maximum quality control. All of the above-mentioned yachts are distinct for their top quality, unique design and high consumer value. The reason for that being is that the yachts are assembled at the robot-equipped production lines employing company’s own scientific research labs. Chaparral yachts has been an award worthy company for decades now.

It is considered that Chaparral produces semi-professional grade yachts. After owning one of those yachts, you become ready to get a real sports yacht or even a super yacht.

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