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CHB is a shipyard from the USA that is producing the motor boats, trawlers and pleasure ships for coastal waters. The manufacturer uses fiberglass for the production of boats for decades. The yachts are equipped with powerful diesel engines. The boats have a classic design and maneuverability.

The manufacturer offers the vessels that can be used both for personal and business purposes. The functions of these ships are not limited to one area. The vessels are designed taking into account the fact that the owner himself will determine how to use the yacht. Some boats are more suitable for private use, while the others are adapted to meet the commercial ambitions.

One of the features of the boats of this company is economic efficiency and usability. The trawlers of this shipyard are perfect for fishing. They are widely used for commercial purposes, but also suitable for private use.

The model range of ships from this shipyard also includes the yachts. They are small, not comfortable and aesthetic. These boats meet the needs of American customers and appeal to the customers in Europe. The new and used ships of the manufacturer can be found at the brokers with which the company is actively cooperating. Due to this fact the boats of CHB are distributed in different countries.

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