Cheoy Lee

The Chinese Elder

Eastern Asia, China to be precise, became a very notable player in yacht manufacturing. That is mostly due to the fact, that 500 years ago Chinese seafarers had a lot of influence on their neighbors. Centuries after, when the Chinese decided to design and build their own yachts, they didn’t have a lot to catch up to, as far as yacht building is concerned.

The history of the yard goes back with its roots starting in 1870s, when it had been no more than a ship repairing dock not far from Shanghai. In the late 1930s, when a war broke between China and Japan, the owner’s family moved to Hong-Kong , which was British colony at that time. Time has passed and by 1960s, they practically ran the industrial transition of using composite materials in hull making instead of wood.

Since then, Cheoy Lee remained cutting edge technology adepts, using armed fiber plastic and multiple layered filled frames.

Today Cheoy Lee’s model line offers a wide variety of motor yachts such as Bravo, Global, Serenity and Affinity, mostly from 50 to 12 feet long.

The company’s attention mainly focused on American and Australian markets, where the demand for their yachts is high.

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