CNB - luxury, exclusive, versatility

CNB is a French shipyard located in Bordeaux and existing since 1987. The company builds the motor and sailing yachts and catamarans. The main materials for the hull and superstructures are aluminum and high-tech composite. The model range of CNB is represented by nearly a hundred vessels of between 60 and 200 feet in length. Some of these have received prestigious international awards.

The company is building real masterpieces of marine architecture. Each boat is developed from the very beginning - from the project design - to the end - the interior decoration and furniture production.

CNB owns 100, 000 square meters of production space, 44 million of which are the covered areas. More than 300 meters of the coastline that belongs the company, allow for sea trials before the boat will be shipped to the customers. Each boat is prepared by more than 500 people. The staff of the company includes their own engineers and designers, carpenters, assemblers and many other specialists.

CNB focuses on the luxurious and exclusive yachts that are exclusively custom-made. Due to this fact the shipyard has received great popularity and has gained a reputation as a reliable partner. More than 80% of the vessels are made for foreign customers. The CNB yachts can be seen in any part of the world.

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