COBALT - the breakthrough in the yacht building technologies

COBALT is a widely known American brand. The Cobalt Boats company was established in Kansas and is specialized in the manufacture of the speedboats. The model range includes dozens of boats of different sizes and types. Every customer who decides to buy a new speedboat, can choose the model with the best ratio of length, speed and cost.

COBALT has been recognized not only as a manufacturer of comfortable boats. First of all, the company's reputation is due to ongoing work on the technology. Cobalt Boats is not limited by the production, equipment and decoration of the hulls, as many other shipyards. It produces the new engines and technologies in orderto significantly increase the speed and reduce fuel consumption.

One of the latest technological innovations is the Sterndrive engines that allow to save up to 70% fuel compared to conventional motors for the speedboats, protect against splashes and provide he soft ride and high speed. Many other speedboats have V-drive which technologies were created at the beginning of the last century.

COBALT offers the new, high-speed, comfortable powerboats that are ideal for water activities, fishing, small trips near the coast.

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