COBIA - the ideal solution for fishing and family vacation

COBIA is a brand currently owned by Maverick Boat Group, Inc. (Florida). Cobia Boats has been existing for more than 50 years. This brand produced the boats designed for family vacation, fishing and short trips.

Having bought COBIA, the new owners try not only to preserve the principles of work on the boats, but also to improve their production technology. The current goal is to produce the most modern, fast and safe motor boats in the US and global markets.

The COBIA projects have been completely redesigned, taking into account the modern trends and own innovations of Maverick Boat Group. The result was a range of boats with single and dual console. As before, this brand is producing the comfortable, quick and easy fishing boats that can be used both in the sea not far from the coast and in the freshwater ponds.

COBIA features a low price, small dimensions, ease of maintenance. Despite the constant modernization of production and updating of technology, these boats can be called the traditional speedboats for sport fishing and leisure. The length of these vessels is 20 to 34 feet.

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