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COM PAC is a shipyard that began to work in 1974. For the first time the company released the Com-Pac 16 boat. The shipyard has a production site in Florida, USA. Over the years of work, the company's experts were able to develop new models of ships. Today, the company is building the sailboats, sloops with false trim, and powerful ships with engines. A total of 12 ships are in the model range of the company.

The COM PAC shipyard also sets the sails on the boats according to the customerХs order. The company has developed its own technology for the installation of masts and sails. At the production site there is a separate section with equipment for such works. The experts can quickly set the mast and sails on the boat for the client.

The shipyard employs only the professionals, many experts have been building the ships here for a long time - since the company was founded. Half of the vessels of this brand are designed for leisure boat trips. We are talking about the coastal waters - the boats have compact size, and they are just not designed to travel in the open sea.

The shipyard has developed original models of ships that have already entered into the history of yacht building. These boats are very comfortable and practical. They are safe, if the owners competently handle the ships and observe safety precautions. The buyer can purchase the earlier version of the vessels of this brand from the dealers. They differ in the design of the hull.

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