CONAM - the speed boats from Italy

CONAM is an Italian shipyard that develops and produces the beautiful sport boats and yachts. Some models took part in the competitions. The vessels of the Italian manufacturer are made of fiberglass. The use of modern materials allows professionals to quickly build any boat according to the plan of the architect and designer.

The ships do not have much space for passengers, however, they are not intended for long-term stay of the owner and guests. They are rather the yachts, on which you can quickly get from one point to another. Also, you can relax on any of these boats. The hull back wide enough is perfect for entertaining.

The CONAM yachts have modern design, they are made not only in classic white color. There are the vessels of metallic colors that look very impressive. The boats are ideal for high-speed water trips. They can quickly develop a solid speed (over 30 knots).

The yachts, launched by the shipyard, are not afraid of obstacles, they quickly overcome them. The hull of each boat is reinforced, so the owner should not worry about the reliability of the ship. The manufacturer efficiently uses the free space on the boats, equipping them with the technology innovations and modern control systems.

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