Real legend in the world

CONTENDER is the real legend in the world of sport cruisers and yachts. They didn’t need a century to do it either: in almost 25 years the company managed to thoroughly study the world of yacht business and bring all the possible ideas about various fishing sport boats to life.

The philosophy of the company is in its name – the yard is a “contender” to be a leading brand and over the years has earned certain reputation.

In the world of automated production press lines the company keeps the traditional approach to building yachts. Even today, the CONTENDER yachts are being made almost entirely by hand, which by all means provides better control over the quality. That doesn’t mean they refuse to use modern technologies and innovative materials altogether.

The Contender boats are acknowledged as the best in the sport fishing vessel segment. Due to easy handling, small weight and high speed that any motor yacht is capable of reaching, this brand found its fans in both the professional and the amateur sport fishing world. The company has in stock boats ranging from a couple of meters to dozens of meters long, with various construction types and number of decks.

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