CORBIN - the Canadian manufacturer of the Scandinavian sailboats

CORBIN is a shipyard that was located in Quebec, Canada. It was successfully operated in 1979 - 1990. During this time they built almost 200 cruise sailboats. The boats were built by pressing - the manufacturer used modern materials for the construction.

After the fire, the shipyard fell into decay, the pressing molds were destroyed. Several sailboats were under construction and were completed already by other companies. Many ships of CORBIN were sold and distributed to different countries.

The main advantage of the boats under this brand is safety and good balance. Due to the fact that the manufacturer used modern materials, they became more maneuverable and lightweight. Early vessels are covered with mahogany, but later the manufacturer used other materials.

A distinctive feature of many sailboats is a conical shape of the bow and stern. They are made in a classic Scandinavian style. Such vessels are known as double enders. The sailing yachts of the shipyard have long 6' keel and fiberglass protection.

Today, the boats of the company can be purchased through the brokers. The vessels are popular because they have already entered the history of the world shipbuilding. Classic features of the sailboats under the Canadian brand please many connoisseurs of sports and recreational sailing vessels. They remind us of the history of yacht building.

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