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Cosmo Explorer - the megayachts from Greece

Cosmo Explorer is a shipyard that is manufacturing in Greece the multi-deck luxury yacht for travel, leisure and business purposes. The founders chose to produce its megayachts on the Greek coast, because it has the best conditions for it. In Greece, you can find the know-how and highly skilled personnel, as well as choose the right equipment for the works.

The shipyard has already built the mega-yacht of luxury class that was designed with the participation of Cristiano Gatto of Cristiano Gatto Design Team Srl. The famous designer worked on both the external appearance of the vessel and on the interiors. The result was a great boat that can be a home for a respectable owner. On this ship you can live without discomfort.

Currently COSMO Explorer is fully committed to the construction of COSMO 50 Explorer - the yacht for which the naval architecture and engineering networks have been designed by Alizul Finance Corporation Ltd. At the same time, the studio is working on two new concepts - the yachts with the length of 40+ and 60+ meters.

The shipyard has a lot of subcontractors: the company seeks to involve only the professionals of the highest class. This allows the company to build the best ships that can only be launched in the 21st century. The megayachts that are developed at the shipyard, attract the attention of the wealthy and respectable clients. You can buy a ship of this brand at the brokers.

The shipyard will launch new products soon that will be even more grandiose. The founders are aimed to make the masterpieces. That is why each ship receives so much attention here.

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