COUACH - the manufacturer of elite boats from France

The COUACH shipyard is located in France, near Cannes, it was founded in 1897. Until 1946 the company produces the custom-made boats for private customers and organizations. Each vessel was individual. The boats were prepared by the masters. The batch production of ships started in 1946.

In the 70s of the last century they experimented with the materials. So did many of the shipyards at that time, because the new material entered the market. For example, they already began to use fiberglass in the production of vessels. In 1996 the company started to produce super-yachts: the owner of the shipyard was replaced, and production was refocused on the most wealthy clients. Thus, COUACH again began to make the vessels according to the individual orders, but now with the use of modern technologies.

Gradually, the vessels produced by company are becoming longer and longer. In the early 2000s, the shipyard was rebuilt, it became rather big. In 2009 the company began to work on the first megayacht. Since then, the manufacturer began to regularly hold exhibitions. The experts have done serious work on rebranding of the shipyard.

Today, you can find different ships under this brand in the market. There are old boats that were produced even for the private customers at the beginning of the last century. There are also available mass-produced yachts. A lot of attention is given to the modern projects of the company - the super-yachts and megayachts.

The vessels of the shipyard can be purchased from the brokers. Among the boats that are offered by the brokers, there are a lot of very interesting designs of the yachts that will only be increased in value.

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