Custom Built - any yachts according to the customerХs order

Custom Built is a group of shipyards that offers construction of the custom-made yachts, beginning from the development of the ship concept. Some boats of the company produced earlier, are commercially available at the brokers. The buyer can choose the ready-made vessel or pay the shipyard in order to build the boat according to his specifications.

The boats of Custom Built category are unusual and diverse. These are not the mass-produced vessels. Each of these yachts has its own mission. The efforts of dozen people have been put in it, beginning from the developers and ending with the builders and designers. The interior and exterior of the ships are the brand identity of each of these boats.

If the buyer wants a fast boat or a long and luxurious megayacht with a respectable design - he will find what he is looking for in this category of vessels. Since it has an unpredictable range of boats, it is limited only by the imagination of the customers and developers.

Custom Built provides the reliable and reputable yachts that are ideal for recreation, travel, accommodation, and just as a status item. It all depends on the model of ship chosen by the customer. Maybe you just need to modify that yachts that you already have? Then, one of the presented shipyards can help you.

The companies that operate in this field, use different materials during the construction. Many of them have already switched to the composites, however, there are the shipyards that steel use steel and aluminum. The selection of material depends on the customer preferences. Having bought a boat, you have to choose in advance the material of this ship.

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