Custom Line - the upgraded yachts

Custom Line is the boats that were upgraded by different shipyards. In the catalog you can find the vessels produced and improved by the shipyards of various countries. Some of the vessels are designed according to the individual customer orders, others are the enhanced serial yachts.

In this category there are a lot of luxury ships that will delight their owners with the high speed, reliability and beautiful interiors. The vessels are made predominantly of modern materials. Many boats are made composites, fiberglass and other materials that can withstand the severe challenges. Such vessels are not afraid of the waves and sea water. They retain their beautiful appearance even many years later.

Some of the older vessels are made of aluminum and steel. Such boats have more weight. Some buyers essentially choose such yachts, because they trust into the proven traditional materials. The manufacturers have made their yachts with the confidence that they will become part of the history. And some of the boats presented really deserve it.

Custom Line is the yachts that will serve you for decades. Having chosen the boat, the customer can rely on the length of the vessel, the manufacturer, the model, as well as other characteristics. The selection is almost limitless, because the range of vessels is constantly being updated.

Custom Line is a well-known series of yachts, among which there are the boats in the traditional western style and vessels that were launched by the shipyards in the East.

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