DAMEN - the family giant

DAMEN is an international shipbuilding company which history began from the family shipyard. Two Damen brothers started construction of the first boats in a garage in 1922. 5 years later, they founded the shipyard that was named Damen Brothers. Under this name, the Dutch company has been existed for 40 years.

In 1969, the company was resold, and had a small reconstruction. They started to use the new standards, known today as Damen Standard. The shipyard developed a modular design to build the boats and yachts. In the 70s the shipyard was expanded and received a new site for building the ships in Gorinchem, Netherlands.

After the reorganization the company was renamed into Kommer Damen. The shipyard began to produce not only the vessels, but also accessories. Due to its strategic location in Gorinchem the organization was able to make a number of important international transactions and expand its sphere of influence.

Today Damen Shipyards produces 180 ships per year. The company also produces the hull for the boats and additional accessories. The shipyard employs 9,000 people. They build the batch and custom-made boats and speedboats, but also maintain the vessels, produces the components, performs the repairs and other works. This is a full cycle shipyard - or rather, a group of companies, because the shipyard is only the part of huge Damen Shipyards.

The company continues to adhere to the standards that were developed in the 70s. This provides the organization with success, recognition and a lot of new customers. Old customers continue to enjoy the services of the shipyard.

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