Danish Yachts

Beauty in the extreme

Danish Yachts is a Scandinavian boatyard in both geographical and philosophical sense. Huge experience, rich historical heritage, distant location and rough climate contributed to the creation of a unique culture, oriented at sensible and practical use of so limited natural resources. You can see it in their unique approach to the lifestyle, yacht building and business practices.

Danish Yachts are not only being a part of ancient and powerful culture. They are also the followers of that culture – they build super-efficient commercial, navy and civilian ships, sail and motor yachts, designed and produced with such precision and quality that it only compares to aeronautics.

On their way to perfection, Danish Yachts team does not stop even before the most unusual innovative projects and intricate designers’ twists that not every world known shipbuilder is able to carry out. The words that accompany this Danish manufacturer on its way to new accomplishments and describe its yachts sound no different than “Beauty in the extreme”.

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