DEFEVER - a company born in Asia

DEFEVER is the trawler yachts that are custom made by DeFever Yachts Europe. These motor boats are used for both personal and commercial purposes. Due to their dimensions and capacity, they are perfectly suited for charter companies.

The model range of DeFever Yachts Europe is represented by five models with the length from 43 to 70 feet. These boats assume a leisurely, measured rest on the deck. They are cost efficient, comfortable, spacious. There is enough space for the crew and for the passengers.

DeFever Yachts Europe is a ЗsynonymИ of POCTA. The POCTA company was established in Taiwan several decades ago. For about twenty years its production facilities have been located in mainland China, in Suzhou. The company is collaborating closely with Arthur Defever, whose name has become a generic name. DEFEVER represents the reliable motor yachts and trawlers that can please both the fans of yachting, and business representatives. They are inexpensive, cost efficient, easy to use.

The yachts are prepared by more than a hundred professionals with extensive experience. At the moment, it is the largest shipbuilder in the Chinese mainland. DEFEVER is well-known in Asia and Europe, and even in the USA and has a tremendous potential for the production of the custom-made yachts.

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