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Delta Powerboats is one of the youngest yacht-building companies on the market, slightly older than 10 years, but at the same time, it is one of the fastest growing ones. The company’s goal is to gain a leadership position in an exclusive design boat segment, making their yachts safe and reliable.

In 10 years of experience they have produced nearly 250 boats within the 9 model line ranging from 25 to 54 feet. Seven of them are still existing models, staying quite popular with the clientele. Its fastest growing period was during 2008, when a lot of world manufacturers had frozen their production due to the economic crisis. Delta Powerboats were, on the other hand, still presenting new models to the market. Since the market became fairly empty, Delta filled that void, their name becoming widely popular.

Today Delta Powerboats are chosen by those who value the right balance between functionality and design, innovations and traditions, power and reduced emissions. Looking into the future, the company is taking care of the environment. It was the first to implement carbon fiber into their production process, the material from which modern cars and planes are made. Due to that, Delta has achieved minimized fuel consumption in their yachts.

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