DESTINY - luxury, style and quality

DESTINY is a yachtbuilding company from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The company was founded by Ed Weiner in the late 90s. It initially began to build the modern motor superyachts that became known already by 1999-2000.

From the first years of its existence DESTINY Yachts has established itself as the designer of the most luxurious and unusual yachts in the United States. Already in 2000, the company participated in the boat show in Fort Lauderdale where it gained wide popularity for its stunning designs.

The DESTINY yachts are produced in the United States and Italy. The American shipyard is molding the fiberglass hulls, the superstructures are prepared and the interiors are thought through in Italy. Assembly and installation of the motors and electronic systems is carried out in the United States.

DESTINY is the perfect combination of durability, safety, luxury and speed performance. The megayachts are often not very easy to navigate, but there is an exception in front of you. The yachts that are 88-135 feet in length and built in DESTINY, can be easily navigated, can perform complex maneuvers and change the speed very quickly.

DESTINY represents the so-called semi-customer yachts. The company uses the ready-made projects that can be modified for the end user. So every vessel is getting its exclusive design.

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