DETTLING YACHTS - the good, cheap, reliable yachts

DETTLING YACHTS is a company combining the talent and experience of a team of specialists in the field of yacht building. Many of them have long worked on other shipyards and are now able to apply their skills in the production of unique classic yachts.

DETTLING YACHT Company has a relatively short history. It was founded in 1991. Only 9 years later, in 2000, it was expanded by purchasing a large land plot in the east of Maryland. They built an innovative plant that allowed to produce the large vessels.

DETTLING YACHT is specialized in the classic cruising yachts. But they are traditional only in design: the company successfully combines classic style with modern technology and equip its ships with the latest equipment.

DETTLING represents the high-speed express cruisers featuring the cost efficiency, good speed performance and high stability, safety and comfort. Today these are the only boats on the market that are sold without any additional options. Even if you contact the manufacturer, you get a completely ready-to-operation ship.

DETTLING YACHT is used for travel and leisure as well as for commercial purposes. The company offers only two models - 51 and 71 feet in length.

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