DICKSON - the comfortable catamarans

DICKSON is the modern motor yachts with a fiberglass hull, characterized by high reliability, handling and comfort to which the American sailors are used.

The Dickson Marine company that manufactures the yachts, was founded in the United States over 30 years ago. Over the years of work with individual orders, it have not just obtained the valuable experience, but also gained a reputation of a true partner and reliable builder, able to develop a large vessel that fully complies with the wishes of the customer.

Externally the DICKSON yachts are modern and even typical for the cruise ships produced in the last few years. But from a technical point of view, everything is much more complicated and interesting: many of the models developed by the company have two hulls and elaborated control system. These are the vessels with the complicated structure that do not have all the shortcomings of the catamarans.

DICKSON builds rather unique yachts that have high speed, excellent handling and comfort. It is a pleasure to stand behind the wheel of the ship. It is able to withstand even a severe storm and deliver passengers to any part of the ocean. These yachts can hardly be referred to sports or cruising yachts: they have the advantages of both types.

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