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There are thousands of shipyards in the world that specialize on building medium size yachts and the competition in this market segment is considered to be one of the toughest in the industry.

That explains why the competing companies strive to come up with a unique solution, capable of attracting the clients’ attention.

One of those companies is the DL Yachts – the Italian yard, located in Ancona. Not so long ago, the company has successfully launched a new line of motor yachts – the Dreamline, which has been greatly acclaimed by the yachting world.

Dreamline yachts by the DL Yachts are beautiful premium class boats up to 49 meters in length with superior design and excellent technical aspects. The team of engineers and designers that has been working on this project was headed by Peter Zuber, the ideological inspirer of the company and Paolo Biencivenni, the CO of the company.

The DL Yachts have aerodynamic hulls, comparably low fuel consumption (about 20 gallons per hour), long cruising range (at speed of 12 knots it is capable of covering 3500 nautical miles), with high top speed of 30 knots.

In creating of this line there were massively used the Eco saving technologies, the systems by Siemens Hybrid, that reduce the noise level to the bare minimum. The design of the yachts combines luxury and functionality. When you find yourself on one of them, you will definitely enjoy the utmost comfort.

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