DOVER - the Canadian reliability

DOVER is a brand known for several cruise yachts that have large dimensions, good speed, and unusual design. The brand is owned by Dovercraft Marine (Canada, Ontario).

Dovercraft Marine specializes in building of the custom-made yachts, storage and sale of the boats. The company was founded by John VanHalteren in 1977. Working in the field of maintenance of the water wells in the 60-70-ies, he got his first experience in the operation of yachts and boats. Subsequently, he moved to the yachtbuilding business. Today the company is run by the founder's son, John VanHalteren Jr. Under his guidance the shipyard expanded the range of services, and since 2001 the company has the brokerage.

The founder of the company has brought new ideas to the world of yachting, and implemented them in his own company. This was reflected, for example, in the production technologies of steel hulls for the small boats.

Not so many yachts have been produced under the DOVER brand, but this did not prevent the company to become well known in its field. This is one of the few Canadian companies specializing in the steel cruise ships. They are appreciated not only by private customers: the popularity of these boats is also increasing among the travel agencies. The DOVER uachts are comfortable, reliable, safe.

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